Sneak The New Heels

Bridal Sneakers - Wedding Affair

Just imagine, it’s your sangeet ceremony and everybody is dancing. You also go to join and rock your moves to the grooves of the music. But your heels make it impossible for you to dance. Don’t worry, you can feel free to ditch the heels.

Now you don’t have to compromise comfort over style. Look stunning while sporting sneakers with your wedding ceremony outfits. After all, happy feet will allow you to make happy memories.

In terms of bridal footwear, the options have exceeded exponentially. Comfy flats and juttis are now a thing of the past. Now the brides-to-be are rocking sneakers with their traditional Indian outfits.

Do yourself a favour and grab a pair of ethnic sneakers for your wedding outfits that are breaking the internet. To help you look like the most fashionable and cheeky bride, we have prepared a guide for you to venture through and find your perfect fit.

World Of Anaar

World Of Anaar

It’s an enriching amalgamation of trendy sneakers meeting traditional embroidery work. To achieve this perfection, the company uses materials like Zardozi and Brocade to make their trendy sneaks. This brand redefines the definition of new meet old by keeping the old values intact while giving the new style of fashion a nostalgic twist.

Our cultural artistry peeks through the silhouettes through their innovative designs combined with comfortable products. With this, they are representing the broader ethos of contemporary homegrown innovations.

World Of Anaar SneakersYou can easily sport this design with your wedding lehenga. It goes with the thematic colours of the wedding while looking stylish at the same time. What’s not to love?

You can even get personalized charms and your initials embroidered (if possible) with their practical yet trendy designs.

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The Quirky Naari

Quirky Naari ShoesBe the quirky bride, as they call it, and adorn their fashionable sneakers for your big day. From Kolhapuris, to Slip Ons, to Wedges, to Sneaker, you name it, they have it. And all of them are tied up with keeping the wedding occasions in mind. From their Zing Sequences sneakers to their Studded bridal sneakers, there’s something that befalls in everybody’s sneaky taste.

With customizable options reigning supreme, you can get your wedding hashtags even on your footwear and cherish them forever. This could also be a great option to get your and your spouse’s initials on your footwear, an intimate way to personalise comfort, indeed.

Quirky Naari SneakersThey bring the bling to life with their outstanding and colourful sneaker collection. If you’re getting married and weigh comfort as a defining factor for your footwear, we highly recommend you check their collection out.

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Kanvas Ethnic Footwear

Kanvas Ethnic FootwearDecked up with traditional embroidery along with blingy embellishments, would be the perfect way to describe the bridal sneakers collection at Kanvas. Their sneakers are all the rage you could ask for, and for a good reason. Wondering why? Allow us to enlighten you.

By purchasing their products, not only would you be buying a completely vegan product, but also you would be uplifting the handicraft of local artisans. Not only that, their products are explicitly prepared with upper material and made to order. They also provide the option to choose the comfortable heel height of the shoe according to your choice. You also get the opportunity to customize your sneakers with initials. It does not get better than this!

Kanvas Bridal FootwearWith pastels dominating the trends followed by the brides, these sneakers would be perfect for a baby pink bridal lehenga.

Imagine sporting these shows at your sangeet and dancing the night away. Comfortable, fashionable, and trendy, with the right amount of quirkiness added to the mix.

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Almari – The Urban Closet

Almari FootwearAlmari is also a brand that offers made-to-order sneakers with floral embellishments effortlessly escalating the grace of a simple pair of sneakers. With their florals designs coming to life on ordinary white sneakers, there’s a simple yet sophisticated appeal to their products.

Easily some of the most simple yet elevated designs that you can rock even after your marriage. Be it your sangeet outfit, or your denim, these sneakers will go with anything and everything.

Almari Bridal FootwearThey also offer ample embroidered designs for you to choose from, if 3D floral sneakers aren’t a concept that you prefer.

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Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers For Women

Adidas Original SneakersIf you’re looking for a universal option that you can wear even after the wedding is over, we recommend the Stan Smith sneakers collection from Adidas Originals. Wear it with a flowy lehenga and make these sneakers take the stage.

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Kook N Keech Women Silver-Toned Sneakers

Kook N Keech SneakersYou can never go wrong with the basics. These silver-toned sneakers come with a cushioned footbed, making them the most comfortable to walk, run, dance, and even do skipping. The Kook N Keech brand offers a wide variety of quirky designs for you to choose from. So, we recommend you check out their products.

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Now that you’ve seen a handful of designs, you may have gotten an idea about what to check out. Plan according to your budget, but never compromise on your comfort. We wish you happy feet experience while dancing throughout your wedding.