The sweet voiced Philanthropist – Palak Muchhal


The true humanitarian, whose compassion for the poor began not after she claimed fame… but at the tender age of four or perhaps she was born with it. In a candid chat, Palak Muchhal talks about her humanitarian cause, Bollywood and her dreams…

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On tasting Fame at an Early Age

My life has literally been like a fairy tale. I have been so lucky! There are so many singers, who sing better than me, and there are people who work harder than me, but I have got to sing so many songs in Bollywood! I think this is because of the blessings of the kids I have been working for. For me, the biggest happiness is bringing a smile on someone’s face. I think that is the motive of my life.

About the ‘Palak Muchhal Heart Foundation’

I have been doing concerts all over the world, since the last 16 years for heart patients – the poor kids who are suffering from congenital heart diseases. So far, I have managed to donate more than 3 crores for 993 patients and I am soon going to complete a 1000 surgeries. I still have 442 patients in my waiting list, who I am continuously working for.

On her smooth sailing Bollywood Journey

My journey in Bollywood has been very smooth because of Salman Khan Sir. My music journey began when I was two and a half years old. Being from a Marwari family, I did not have any connection with music at all. But my mother got me trained in classical music. I have been lucky as Salman Sir introduced me to Bollywood. He recommended my name to different producers and directors. ‘Aashiqui 2’ was a landmark in my career and after that there was no looking back. I have more than 200 songs lined up to be released this year and next year in 2017. So, I am really excited and happy.

On How singing for Bollywood helps her charity work

There was a big difference in my charity work because of Bollywood singing. Earlier, singing for three hours would raise donation for just one patient. But now, when I perform my hit numbers, I manage to raise donation for 15 to 20 patients in a single concert.

God Father in the industry

Salman Khan Sir. One day he said, “You are soon going to sing for a YashRaj movie.” I was thrilled. I got a call from Sohail Sen sir and I recorded a song. But I did not know it was for ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. But when I was told about it, I was speechless, because at the age of 17 if you get to sing for a YashRaj film, that too a Salman Khan film and lend your voice for Katrina Kaif, then it is a big dream come true. I could not have asked for a bigger break than this. That song fetched me a lot of love from people, my fans and of course most importantly, immediately after Lapaata, I recorded around 67 songs for Bollywood films. So, I feel getting the first break is very important and after that, sustaining is even more important.

On challenges of the Music industry

Challenge to me is a negative word and I am a positive person, so I don’t find any situation challenging as such in a deeper way. But yes, there is a lot of competition in Bollywood, or for that matter in every field. For the singers, there is a huge competition because everyone is singing amazingly well, and everyone is working really hard. There is a flood of singers currently, but the best part is that, everyone is getting work. If you are working hard, if your voice matches a particular song or situation, you get to sing that song. There is no monopoly as such. So, it is a very good time. Because of the competition, we work harder to hone our skills. So, I think nothing is challenging if you are hardworking, focused and sincere.

Her Dream Project in Music

I wouldn’t say a dream project, but I want to do a lot more than I have done.

On being a Romantic and your Dream Wedding

I think I am a romantic person, I romanticise about life, yet I don’t lose the perspective of it. I have been planning about my wedding since I was four years old (chuckles). Wedding for me is the biggest celebration of life. Being a typical Marwari girl, mehendi, haldi, sangeet, sounds really exciting to me, so I would want my wedding to be really traditional.


About yourself: Happy soul.
Desirable man: Haven’t found yet.
Perfect date: Haven’t thought about it.
Top of your playlist right now: Tum hi ho…