The Fashion Connect: A Night Of Glitz, Glam And Fashion

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Luminaries Behind The Success Of The Fashion Connect

Nothing could fall glamorously short when the lights spotlighted the elegant Hotel Fairmont Jaipur with The Fashion Connect Season 15, presented by Bharat24-Vision of New India and First India. Dr Jagdeesh Chandra’s ambitious vision to curate a single-day global extravaganza and to imprint a unique name in the realms of fashion, glamour and entertainment has been notably marked through a series of successful seasons and this season it came to life with a blast! The event was a perfect blend of glamour, unparalleled style and sheer elegance. Dr Chandra took a moment to extend his heartfelt thanks to the Brand Ambassador, Rishee Miglani emphasising that The Fashion Connect Season 15 was poised to hit the right chord of success and grandeur. The guests were served a palatable menu of scrumptious food and drinks amidst a rejuvenating ambience. The event was witnessed by more than 700 attendees including renowned bloggers, influencers and fashion elites from all corners of the country, alongside the crème de la crème of the fashion industry, all basking in the extraordinary hospitality of Fairmont. The General Manager of Hotel Fairmont Jaipur, Rajiv Kapoor left no stone unturned to make sure the guests have a gala time.

The Visionary Of The Fashion Connect
The Visionary Of The Fashion Connect
L-R: Rajiv Kapoor, Dr Jagdeesh Chandra And Rishee Miglani

The colossal night of fashion began with supermodels walking the ramp adorning the creations of renowned designers. The grand opening was done by legendary Neeta Lulla, a prominent fashion designer of Bollywood who has contributed to more than 400 Bollywood films showcasing her dazzling haute couture. Famous actress Elli AvrRam and actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek turned the showstopper for Neeta Lulla. Neeta Lulla’s alluring collection was a blend of minimal hues and dramatic silhouettes dripped in captivating shimmer. Following the showcase of an awe-inspiring collection, the runway saw a series of talent with Jaipur’s own talented Mohit Falod displaying an exquisitely designed royal collection. A fusion of boho chic clothing took centre stage with Kalash Parmani’s collection, followed by the iconic Pallavi Sethi’s collection, which also celebrated her remarkable 30-year journey in the fashion industry.

Neeta Lulla With Showstopper Elli AvrRam And Krushna Abhishek
Neeta Lulla Along With Showstopper Elli AvrRam And Krushna Abhishek
Designer Mohit Falod's Presentation At The Runway
Designer Mohit Falod’s Presentation At The Runway
Kalash Parmani Collection
Designer Kalash Parmani’s Collection
Designer Pallavi Sethi's Haute Couture
Designer Pallavi Sethi’s Haute Couture
Michael Cinco Along With Showstopper Sunny Leone
Michael Cinco Along With Showstopper Sunny Leone

For the grand finale, the stage was set ablaze by versatile actress Sunny Leone who turned out to be the showstopper for the internationally acclaimed designer Michael Cinco. His astonishing collection took the event to new levels of magnificence. From long trails to dramatic sleeves and vivid shades to uniquely designed capes, his collection was a combination of artistry, innovation and elegance. The event promised to be a melting pot of style and sophistication, drawing fashion luminaries from diverse backgrounds and creating a dynamic atmosphere that mirrors the eclectic world of fashion. The Fashion Connect Season 15 has set new benchmarks in the fashion world. Brand Ambassador Rishee Miglani expressed his gratitude and gave an idea of forthcoming events, saying, “I’m honoured by the love and respect Fashion Connect has garnered over the years. As we gear up for our 16th season in London on November 26th at Novotel Hotel, we are thrilled to continue our journey of fashion excellence. With the guidance and support of Dr Jagdeesh Chandra, our vision of making Fashion Connect an internationally renowned fashion event is on the horizon.” The show was directed by Lokesh Sharma who emphasised on intricate details ensuring the event surpasses all expectations. Wedding Affair magazine was the media partner of this extravagant event.