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Pangeos Terrayacht

Pangeos Terrayacht - Wedding AffairThe Italian name of Lazzarini Design Studio is synonymous with building whimsical structures in the world of luxury vessels. The brand recently announced its massive floating island-style terayacht, the first of its kind, Pangeos. On a bird’s-eye level, it is sea turtle-shaped in a gigantic size that makes current ocean liners appear Lilliput natives. The vessel will take a whopping $8 billion, eight years, and a mammoth shipyard to build the 1,800-foot, photovoltaic technology-driven emission-free terayacht that will use the power of waves and wind to stay afloat and green. Pangeos will house malls, villas, gardens, pools, restaurants, and recreational facilities with 60000 people on board.

Polaroid 50th Anniversary Gold SX-70

Polaroid 50th Anniversary Gold SX-70 - Wedding AffairRestrospekt is defining retrospect like no other in terms of photography. For those who love their apparatus more than its clicks, the brand is celebrating the classic Polaroid camera in a 50-Anniversary Limited-Edition coup of only 50 cameras. What is even more fascinating is the fact that each component of the 50 cameras has been mothered by old SX-70 cameras. The shell proudly showcases its wear and tear over time and has been crafted with leather and a 24-carat gold finish instead of chrome to commemorate 50 years. Whether you enjoy vintage collectables or are a shutterbug by soul, this opportunity seems unmissable.

Neon Lighthouse

Neon Lighthouse - Wedding AffairWhile smartphone enabled lighting systems have been doing the rounds for years now, Moonlight announced its minimalistic lights that could immersively change the interiors of your dwelling with the tap of your phone. Letting you enjoy complete control of its interactive smart light’s 90 individually addressable full-colour range RGB LEDs that produce 16 million hues in a ten-year or 50000-hour lifespan, as claimed by the brand. The 14-inch cylindrical light can be styled horizontally and vertically or stand on a purchasable aluminium base. The light also comes with basic control buttons and is compatible with most virtual assistants.

Tacx Neo Bike Plus

Tacx Neo Bike Plus - Wedding AffairFor those who like their pedal more than their couch, no matter the weather, it is time to home the upgrade, Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus, in your home gym collection. The smart bike promises a real roadlike feel in the comfort of your house while the tropical country, like ours, deals with extreme temperatures. One of the quietest bikes ever built, the bike can power up to 2200 watts while you comfortably record your cycling wins. The built-in fans of this customisable bike produce wind to cool you off, measuring your heart rate and the power you have delivered. The bike has a built-in 4.5-inch display panel and also allows you to mount your tablet on top.

Dolce Gusto Neo

Dolce Gusto Neo - Wedding AffairCoffee isn’t all bad, especially when you know your pours can save the planet. Nescafé’s latest smart coffee machine lets you use biodegradable pods that will let you off the wary of disposing of plastic pods each time you had your favourite brew. What’s more, is that you can home-compost the paper-made Neo pods in the backyard of your house while the used grinds do wonders for the plant world. The smart feature lets you make espressos, Americanos and drip-style brews with its intelligent pos-recognition technology. You can also let the machine know about the preparation from your smartphone while you lazily reach out of bed.

911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro

911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro - Wedding AffairBored of using aesthetically pleasing sleek soundbars that can only sing your praises while they are switched on? Porsche Design has you covered with its latest offering, which beams out a real exhaust system. Yes, that is absolutely new-yearly true. The exhaust system from Porsche 992 GT3, 2.1.2 300-watt soundbar, screams your love for cars even when turned off. The limited edition 500-piece soundbar that weighs 65 kgs (better gear up your wall) supports Dolby Atmos, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.0 and Google Chromecast connectivity. What can be better than a self-gift like this, where you can game a Porsche 992 GT3 while listening from one?