The Right Way to Go Androgynous!


A great mind must be androgynous.” And only a great mind can possess a great fashion sense. Today we will be talking about the much-hyped style statement – Androgynous fashion. Also called Gender-Neutral, this term is used to signify clothing that is not limited to genders, but is beyond it. Some might refer to it as non-Binary, andro fashion is a subtle yet sassy take on stereotypical clothing. Icons across the globe are ruling this trend, and we love it to the core. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you too are one of the different –

  1. Choose Overalls
An effortless overall non-binary look.

One of the primary ways to make a statement through your clothing is to choose overall garments. They are the ones that are made out of the same piece of cloth, which means the same pattern. The purpose of choosing overalls is to create a neutral look for your outfit so that it is not characterized by any critic. International models like Cara Delevingne and Bella Hadid are also huge preachers of overall fits.

  1. Go for Extreme and Opposite Colours
Same suit and colour, different genders.

From birth, we are taught that pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. What about someone who is neither a male nor a female? Well, these traditional stigmas do not exist anymore. Pick the colors that attract you in all the right ways. Although going andro means choosing neutrals like black, blue, brown, and grey, you can mold it otherwise. Your outfit shoots up to another level when you sport a color categorized for the other gender. Like when men wear pink, that, is what a power move is.

  1. Style your Hair Right
Model Bella Hadid showcasing a sleek hairdo with her gender-neutral fit.

With this particular style of fashion, you cannot go wrong in any way. There are men with long hair and women with shorter hair. So how do we arrive at one common tangent? By going sleek. There is absolutely no need to experiment with your hair, as your clothing is doing the most for your look. No matter what the length of your locks is, keep it slim and slick. You could also go for tied-back hair. Basically, anything that is not messy, and is clean, works.

  1. Accessorize Well
Actor Ranveer Singh wearing a co-ord cap and a pair of sunglasses with this andro look.

Another element that accentuates your look in all the right places is accessories. There are so many options to explore like bold rings, chains, hats, and scarves. Usually, accessories are not gender specified, but you might want to have a closer look if it really says, MEN/ WOMEN. Even with your shoes, you could go in boots or oxfords. And choose socks, if you want to, that sync with the color of your outfit. This way you will not only create something proportional but also effortless.

  1. Minimal Accessories
Model Cara Delevingne sporting the right amount of accessories.

Yes, we know this sounds wrong in context to the previous section, but it’s essential. Wearing too many accessories could also spoil the vibe of your fit. We recommend you pick a maximum of two statement accessories that you want the world to look at. Donning everything at once will only make it worse. If you are wearing rings, opt for chains too. Scarves and hats go well with quirky footwear. People wanting to carry an out-of-the-box bag can pair them up with a watch or a belt.