Top 5 Things you need in your bridal emergency kit


We know that you have spent months planning for your wedding day, from the flowers to the décor you have paid attention to every detail and want nothing to be out of place. But small mistakes are bound to happen and it’s always better to be prepared than panic.
Be it a broken button , ripped hemline to a nauseous stomach or a broken earring keeping a small kit on hand that will solve common wedding day blunders is definitely key. In fact some planners say that making a wedding day emergency kit is one of the most important things to complete before the celebration itself.

So what exactly should you have in your stash in case of an emergency. You can use this as your guide to know what to have in your bridal emergency kit bag for any last minute emergencies.

1.Gold or silver safety pins

Everyone from your mother to your grandmother knows the importance of safety pins and one can never have too many on hand. If sewing isn’t an option due to delays then safety pins can work in a pinch, so make sure to stock them.


2. Lipstick used in your bridal look

Keep in mind that blotting pads, concealer, mascara and setting spray are all helpful toiletries to have nearby. Makeup artists will often provide a small vial of the bride’s lip color for application when needed make sure to get it from the makeup artist or buy the shade yourself after your bridal test make up.


3. Sewing kit with matching thread.

Get yourself a miniature sewing kit that comes with needles, mini scissors, extra buttons, and thread in different colors. The scissors can be useful if you need to snip any loose threads or cut off clothing tags from anyone’s dress at the wedding. Take that extra step to track down a bit of thread that matches your wedding dress for it might come in handy.


4. Clothing steamer for your dress

Most people keep a clothing iron or mini straighteners to iron out dress wrinkles, but this can leave iron marks on your wedding dress. Invest in a good clothing steamer to deal with dress wrinkles in a flash. Make sure to get one for the groom as well if so he can steam out any creases in his shirts, pants, and suit jackets.


5.Pain medicine for emergencies

Weddings can be quite stressful. So pack a small packet of pain killer medicine just in case you or anyone else might come down with a headache or stomach ache at the wedding party. People might be hungover from the rehearsal dinner the night before. So it’s best to keep medicines in handy.


In addition to the 5 must have essentials mentioned, make sure to keep a checklist of things you might possibly need to include in your personalized wedding survival kit. Here are a few general must haves in your emergency tote bag
● Phone charger
● Breath mints
● Blister Plasters
● Hand Sanitizer
● Tissues
● A snack
● Water
● Some cash

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