Top Things To Do In Lakshadweep: Ditch Maldives For This Indian Archipelago

Things To Do In Lakshadweep - Wedding Affair

Following a political fiasco, a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indians are boycotting Maldives and are exploring this untouched jewel – Lakshadweep. People are now inspired to follow in the footsteps of Modi to visit the Indian archipelago. 

Beach babies can relate, there is nothing more serene than the blue lagoons, sandy shores embedded with tall palm trees, rhythmic waves hitting your feet and cool breeze caressing your cheeks, isn’t it? Lakshadweep is surrounded by emerald green waters, white sandy beaches and shimmering turquoise lagoons. Its unparalleled beauty compels visitors to come here and savour every bit of nature’s magnificence. Even though this tropical archipelago is the smallest union territory in India, it has many secluded and untouched natural wonders. From swimming in the peaceful waves and having lunch under a thatch-roof cabana under the palms to cruising the waters and indulging in adrenaline pumping water activities like snorkeling or scuba diving. There are a plethora of things to do in Lakshadweep

Here are top 5 things to do in Lakshadweep: 

Discover The Wonders Of Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island, also known as Maliku, is a hidden treasure with an intriguing past and vibrant culture. It has pristine white beaches and lush vegetation. The highlight of this island is a 300-foot-tall lighthouse that was constructed by the British in 1885. You can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the nature from the vintage point of the lighthouse. Minicoy’s ankle-deep waters are ideal for kayaking and canoeing. You can either explore this island alone or book a guide, who can show you various “secret” locations and assist you in navigating the calm waves. Keep an eye out for “jahadhonis,” which are classic, vibrant boats that are only used for boat races and entertaining dignitaries.

Indulge In Water Sports At Bangaram, Kadamat and Kavaratti Islands

Water Sports In Lakshadweep

In Lakshadweep, scuba diving and snorkelling are the most popular water sports. Even if you are a newbie, you can easily navigate the lagoons in Lakshwadeep because they are rather shallow and predictable. Many islands provide training centres where tourists can receive professional guidance and safety instructions before engaging in water activities. Bangaram and Kadamat Island are great places to go snorkelling, but Kavaratti Island, which has its own institute for teaching water sports, is one of the most amazing place to learn scuba diving. Another leisure activity here is lagoon fishing, where fishermen spend the peaceful evening hours on the calm waters. These are some things to do in Lakshadweep for an enthralling experience. 

Visit Kapleni Island For Tranquillity & Serenity 

Kapleni Island

One of the most important things to do in Lakshadweep is visiting Kapleni Island. The breathtaking coral reef ecosystem of Kalpeni Island is Lakshadweep’s most picturesque islands. This island is infused by panoramic views of the glistening clean seas, allowing you to marvel at the corals, tropical fishes, and other amazing marine life. Whether you snorkel close to the surface or go down to the deep end you can see parrotfish, butterflyfish, rays, and even sea turtles. The shallow, tranquil waters of Kalpeni make it a great place to go kayaking and swimming. You can explore the island’s winding alleys, vibrantly coloured homes, verdant surroundings, and breathtaking vistas on a bicycle. 

Taste Scrumptious Food 

Food In Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep promises you to take you on flavourful journey with its delicious food. You can begin with munching the popular snack fenvarabondi which is made with tender coconut, rice and jaggery and steamed in banana leaf. Taste delicious Tuna caught fresh from the sea mixed with aromatic curries, comforting stews or simply fried. Trying fried octopus and meen pappas, a creamy fish curry should be on your list of things to do in Lakshadweep. Sannathu, a mixed vegetable preparation with sweet potato, papaya, pumpkin, taro, breadfruit, cooked in coconut milk and spiced with onion and chillies will evoke your tastebuds. 

Shop Handcrafted Goods

Handcrafted Goods

Take souvenirs for your closed one or shop quaint home décor items or jewellery made of shells, oysters, corals and other stones. You can also buy coconut and seafood goods like fish oil, fish biscuits, coconut oil etc. The island markets in Agatti, Minicoy, or Kavaratti make for best places to shop.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Visit Lakshadweep 

  • To visit Lakshadweep you need an entry permit issued by the Lakshadweep Administration based in Kochi. To get the permit, you will first need to download a clearance certificate and get it cleared from your local police station (attach identification documents and three passport-size photos).
  • You can reach Lakshadweep either by ship or via a flight from Kochi.
  • If you are flying, pack light. Aircrafts are small and they have limited capacity.
  • The best time to visit is from October to May when the weather is cool and the humidity is low.
  • Depending on the number of islands you plan to visit, around 4 to 5 days are enough to explore Lakshadweep.
  • Every water sport activity except glass-bottom boat ride and fishing are strictly for above 10 years old.
  • BSNL and Airtel are the sole communication providers in Lakshwadeep.
  • BSNL offers connectivity across all 10 inhabited islands while Airtel covers Kavaratti and Agatti islands.
  • Bangaram Island is the only island that serves alcohol.