Trending Jaimala designs for the season


Jaimala is probably one of those many elements that will make your wedding pictures pop out because they are so vibrant and colourful. We found for you a galore of the coolest ones and definitely some that you’ve never seen before. Go ahead, and get your hands on one of these Jamailas to create some stunning snapshots!

It’s significance¬†

An essential ingredient of the Indian wedding ceremony, the exchange of Jaimalas signifies your commitment to each other for your journey ahead

Classic jaimalas are often made of red roses – either in bud or full bloom. If you want to give them a contemporary look then go for upside down pearls and roses to your jaimalas. Using full-blown roses (the larger international varieties) and large rosebuds is also on the rise these days.

Ensuring that your flowers don’t wilt can be quite a task. Get rid of the hassle, by opting for a new set of Jaimala designs made of semi-precious and simple stones and crafted to look like the conventional set.

As they come in a variety of designs and flowers, it is best to choose the Jaimala flowers that complement the colours of your wedding attire. If you are wearing a traditional red lehenga, you can choose a Jaimala design with lots of roses like this bride 

Sizes for Jaimala also differ from community to community so it is better to confirm the size of your Jaimala by consulting the elders.and also keep in mind that traditional is the best. 

Pink is a very feminine color, but varmalas in this hue look as good on grooms as they do on brides.regal flower that exudes an aura of royalty and magnificence, lotus blooms look breathtaking when worn for a ceremony this special.