Breaking The Red Spell: Exploring Trendy Alternatives For Indian Bridal Lehengas

Indian Bridal Lehengas - Wedding Affair

Hey there, brides-to-be! So, you know how everyone’s been talking about the classic red bridal lehengas? Though red is all over a great colour for a bridal ensemble, however, don’t worry if you are not so traditional bride, I am here to spill the beans on the cool, non-red alternatives that are giving tradition a run for its money.

1. Minty Fresh Greens

Mint Green Lehenga

Picture this: a mint green lehenga that’s as refreshing as a mojito or nimbu shikanji on a summer day, sounds great, right? The name minty green itself reflects elegance and freshness, this oh-so-modern colour will be a showstopper at your wedding. Just like breath mints, this lehenga colour is like a breath of fresh air in the world of bridal fashion. You can experiment by combing mint green with different hues as well such as baby pink or yellow.

2. Royal Blues Stealing Hearts

Royal Blue Bridal Lehengas

Move over, red – royal blue is here to steal the show! There are absolutely no flaws in the colour blue, no matter what shade of skin you have this colour will look stunning on you. Majestic, regal, and downright gorgeous, a blue lehenga can make you feel like a modern-day queen on your big day. You can ask your bae to compliment your lehenga with a muted colour such as ivory or faded gold.

3. Sunshine Yellows For The Win

Yellow Lehenga

Who says yellow is just for haldis? A sunny yellow lehenga is like a burst of joy on your wedding day, this lively and full of light colour always, manages to bring warmth to the environment. Radiant, vibrant, and totally Instagram-worthy, wearing a yellow lehenga will make your wedding pictures go viral.

4. Subtle Pinks – Not Your Average Blush

Pink Lehenga

Just as the “gulaabi sharara” song is going viral on social media, you in a pink lehenga will go viral on your wedding day. When I say pink, I am talking about those muted, dusty pinks that are stealing hearts left and right. Though in 2023 we witnessed the Barbiecore era but now is the time for less bubble-gum and more sophistication. Trust me, it’s the perfect blend of tradition and trend.

5. Dramatic Blacks

Black Lehenga

Before you start freaking out, hear me, black bridal lehengas are a thing, and everything about them is stunning. They’re oh-so-dramatic. Edgy, mysterious, and an absolute showstopper, pair it up with a shimmery shade such as golden, silver, or pink and you are good to go. This one is a perfect choice for all those edgy brides out there who believe in, who says you can’t break the rules?

6. Fiery Oranges Igniting Passion

Fiery Orange Lehenga

If you are someone who wants to ditch red but not experiment that much, you can go for a vibrant and fiery orange. At times red can be too mainstream but for that fiery vibe, a bold orange lehenga is perfect. It’s like setting your wedding ensemble on fire – metaphorically speaking, of course!

7. Pastel Dreams In Lavender

Lavender Bridal Lehengas

 Lavender isn’t just for your home diffuser, a pastel lavender lehenga radiates whimsical, dreamy, and sophisticated vibes that add a touch of fairytale magic to your big day. Going for a lavender colour for your wedding lehenga will ensure that you give sophisticated and feminine energy throughout.

8. Turquoise Teals – Sea-Inspired Chic

Turquoise Lehenga

Are you a water baby? Bring the ocean vibes to your wedding with a stunning turquoise teal lehenga and shine like the little mermaid. It’s like wearing the beauty of the sea and sky as you take that walk down the aisle.

9. Graceful Green

Dark Green Bridal Lehengas

Refresh your energy with a dark green bridal lehenga, green is such an enchanting colour that will make you look classy and graceful. You can even combine green with striking jewellery pieces to further enhance your look.

So there you have it – a quick tour of the various colour options beyond the traditional red bridal lehengas. Remember, it’s your day, and you get to rock whatever colour makes you happy. Whether you’re a blue, green, or lavender kinda bride, go ahead and slay in that non-red lehenga. After all, breaking traditions is the new tradition!