Trendy Hair Ornaments In Indian Weddings

Trendy Hair Ornaments - Wedding Affair

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and attention to detail, and one element that adds touch of ethereal beauty to the brides look is the exquisite hair ornaments. These ornate pieces not only enhance the brides hairstyle but also symbolize tradition, culture and feminity. Let’s dive into the world of hair ornaments and discover latest trends of hair ornaments that are stealing the spotlight.

  • Maang Teeka

Maang Teeka

The maang teeka is a classic traditional hair ornament that adorns bride’s forehead representing grace and beauty. It consists of a decorative pendant attached to a chain or a string, which is secured in the hair. From delicate designs with pearls and gemstones to elaborate pieces with intricate gold work, maang teekas come in a variety of styles to suit every brides taste.

  • Passa


The passa is a regal hair ornament that drapes over one side of the brides head, adding a touch of vintage charm to her look. The passa usually features a large center piece adorned with pearls, crystals, and intricate filigree work. The passa beautifully compliments traditional Indian hairstyles. you can pair your passa along with a low bun or a side braid, creating a mesmerizing look.

  • Matha Patti

Matha Patti

The matha patti is a statement hair ornament that gracefully covers the brides forehead and is often paired with a similar maang teeka. Matha patti consists of a chain or even multiple chains that are sometimes embellished with gemstones which are then attached to hair on both sides. When it comes to the matha patti it can be both delicate and bold, hence it acts as a versatile option for the brides.

  • Hair Chains

Hair Chains

In recent years hair chains has gained immense popularity among brides. Hair chains are also known as jhoomars and borlas. These elegant hair ornaments are worn on one side of the head and feature a chain adorned with pearls, crystals and intricate design. These hair chains add a touch of glamour, and sophistication to the brides hairstyle making them a perfect choice for a modern bride who seeks a unique twist to her hair.

  • Floral Accessories

Floral Accessories

Since the ancient times brides have been using flowers in their hair for special occasions, and in the modern times the trend still exists. However the traditional use of flowers as hair accessory has been modified a little, from using fresh flowers to artificial ones and from traditional mogra to more colorful variety of flowers. Flowers adds color and freshness to the brides look, they can be added to hair buns and braids.

  • Tiara


Every bride wants to feel like a true queen on her big day, so why not celebrate by wearing a tiara as a hair accessory. You can use a floral tiara or a tiara studded with precious jewels, the choice is yours. A bridal tiara symbolizes divine authority and grace which suits a bride perfectly. A floral tiara can be worn during the haldi or mehendi ceremony to create a fresh look.

  • Hair Clips

Hair Clips

When it comes to hair ornaments, one piece that stands out for its versatility and style is hair clip. One can quickly transform their hairstyle by using a hair clip. From adding a pop of color to securing a chic up do hair clip has become a must have accessory. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist look or a more embellished design there are endless possibilities with a hair clip. Moreover hairclips not only offer style but serves a functional purpose, as they help to secure the hair into place

Some of the types of hair clips are

  1. Classic – when it comes to hair styles a classic clip never fails. A classic hairclip often includes a gold plated clip with simple design
  2. Statement clip – this is for those brides who want to make a bold fashion statement. These hair clips represents a maximalist style from geometric design, large embellishments, huge flowers and gems. Statement clips screams go big or go home.
  3. Trendy hair clips – these hair clips have made a huge comeback from 20s. These hairclips includes vibrant colors and trendy shapes like stars, hearts and butterflies. They can be seen on red carpets and various celebrity events. These trendy hairclips are a great way to show the playful personality of the bride.
  • Billai


Billai is a traditional south Indian hair ornament, which is worm by women on auspicious occasions. You must have seen it on Alia Bhatt in the movie two states. Billai consists of hair ornament running down the braid. It can be made of various materials like gold, polka and even embroidered cloth.


Whatever hair ornament you choose whether its traditional maang teeka, intricate matha patti, floral hairpin or dazzling jhoomar each ornament reflects culture and traditions of Indian weddings.