Triggering Male Erogenous Zones

Male Erogenous Zones - Wedding Affair

If you think male sensual pleasure is only about reaching the climax, wait until you see their eyes roll as you hit these sensual zones!

Delve into the relationship pages of our last issue, if you want to master the art of female arousal. As in our last issue, the relationship glistened with a sensual saga of female erogenous zones. This time, we are not stepping back to introduce the euphoria of pleasure to only one side of the coin. Here, we bring to you the male sensual zones that will ignite physical intimacy and will transcend your man to a world of heightened sexual pleasure.

It was a lazy afternoon, I could hear the birds chirping and the water dripping from the tap in the courtyard. After enjoying the sight from our window, I glared at my laptop and got busy rummaging through the links lying on the bed. After tossing from one link to another for an hour, I finally reached a website that focused on pleasures and sexual intimacy. It looked interesting, but what captivated my attention was an article that focused on ‘Male Erogenous Zones’. As someone who has always associated sexual pleasure with female anatomy, it was a surprise for me to know something of that sort but I wanted to give it a read. After going through the first few lines of the article, my interest deepened and I was assured that I have to give it a try.

My south twitched a bit and a smirk appeared on my face as soon as I finished reading the erotic article. My husband, Advik, was engrossed watching his favourite show on the sofa. He noticed my mischievous smile and asked ‘What is the matter, babe?’ I didn’t reply and kept on glaring at the screen whilst fostering some thoughts in my mind. What fostered in my mind were the thoughts of making this mundane afternoon interesting by bringing my man’s wild fantasies to life, unveiling the hidden arousal triggers.

I sat beside Advik and gently brushed his hair. My innocent husband took it as an act of love and wrapped his arm around me followed by a peck on my cheeks. We both got indulged in watching the series (or this is the idea which I wanted to give him). I looked at him and playfully started encircling his ears with my fingertips and nibbling his earlobe. Then, I moved my fingers to his nape and gently caressed it. At first, he was surprised and looked deep into my eyes. He instantly realized my intentions and smiled from ear to ear. Advik’s eyes glistened as he said ‘Someone is in a romantic mood today!’ I flushed and nodded. Taking the cues, he grabbed my waist, pulled me closer and placed some delicate kisses on my lips. Sooner, he started leaving a trail of kisses on my neck. It felt heavenly but I gently stopped him and asserted ‘Today, it’s all about you, my love!’ Hearing this, his eyes widened and cheeks became rosy, his smile gave me the right indication to continue the love-making.

Male Erogenous Zones - Sensual Zones

I sat on his lap facing towards him and gave him an intense kiss on the lips while caressing his beard. Grabbing my butt and squeezing it gently, he reciprocated the kiss with a much more intense kiss. I shifted my kisses to his neck and delicately sucked his Adam’s apple. I could feel chills run down his spine as his body shook a bit. I unbuttoned his shirt hastily and ran my fingertips all over his upper body. Feeling his broad shoulders, I held his wrists above his head, stroked his armpits and moved gently down towards the inner elbows. My love gave me the widest smile and some insignificant moans as he enjoyed the sensual touches. His moans grew louder as I encircled his nipples with my tongue. Wanting to make me feel equally involved and pleasurable, his hands constantly caressed my buttocks and soon went down under my sheer top. I broke the glass ceiling by taking charge of the lovemaking and the role reversal exhilarated the sensual act. He was turned on even more by looking at me taking charge. I could feel his member grow beneath my cotton shorts. I swayed my hips a little so that he could brush his member against me.

I knelt in front of him while he relished every moment of this erotic act like a supreme. I began painting down my fingers from his chest to the pelvic region as my hands moved down to his abdomen. I first dipped my tongue in his navel and simultaneously screeched the small of his back. He exhaled a little harder, I asked him “Do you want more?” He replied in a husky voice “Is there more?” I then played a rhythmic saga of licking and kissing played around his pelvic region. I removed his boxers and there were no hindrances left for me to transcend him to the world of pleasure. I gently squeezed his thighs and playfully teased him with my lips. A little suction and gentle bite on his inner thigh was enough to make him growl and grab the sofa. Releasing some sighs of pleasure, Advik laid back on the sofa focusing on his fully hardened member. My wet lips perceived the signal and I was all ready to delve into his precious. I fluttered some soft kisses on his glans. Embracing my dominant side, I took the lolly inside my mouth to suck it like a candy. I rubbed the tip of my tongue on his fleshy head and my thumb grazed the frenulum. Advik rolled his eyes back as he enjoyed the mix & match of wet lips and soft touches. I saw his mouth agape as I sucked onto his shaft and my fingers stroked his length. I then pressed my knuckles gently into the perineum and started massaging it. I knew I was hitting the right spot. I showed some love to his bag attached to his precious member by gently sucking the balls and running my tongue up and down the seam. Whenever I felt masterly I intensified sucking and stroking and constantly played with the pressure. A louder moan gasped from his mouth as he was not able to hold the ecstasy and let his runny ooze from his member.

He leaned down and smashed his lips onto mine. The thriving sensual energy was now mutual, our tongues battled for dominance. He held me up and pounded me on the sofa. He hit the right chord by kissing and sucking my neck. I melted right there. He then quickly undressed me, flicked my nipples with his tongue and slowly descended towards the south, kissing every inch of my body and savouring my fragrance. He stopped just above my navel and rubbed his nose followed by some soft kisses. I arched my back and closed my eyes, exhaling a moan. Sooner, I could feel his breath pounding on my love dome as he buried his face in my south. I took support of the armrest, as he licked and sucked my love mound. A sharp sensation shot up my spine leaving my legs shaking. He then entered my elusive erogenous zone with his finger and explored the path to my pleasure. But, that wasn’t enough, I wanted more. I wanted him inside me, more than he wanted to be inside me. Our breathing fastened as I felt him stretching my walls and entering the cave of pleasure. The pain turned into pleasure and the slower thrusts now became faster and deeper. We both picked our pace, looked deep into each other’s eyes and immersed our souls in the heaven of pleasure.