Unveiling The Male Erogenous Zones

Male Erogenous Zones - Wedding Affair

Everyone has those spots that make them feel all tingly when shown some love by fingers or tongue, doesn’t it? These sensual spots are called erogenous zones. Rubbing, caressing, kissing or massaging these erogenous zones can make physical intimacy much more pleasurable and fun. When it comes to sex or specifically to erogenous zones, we often associate these pleasurable zones with female anatomy but this is not the case. If you are someone who thinks, male sexual pleasure is only about reaching the climax through the genitals then you are highly mistaken. Graze your fingertips on your man’s chest and see him meltdown within seconds!

Ladies, take charge and surprise your man by giving him extra love, not only emotionally but also physically by triggering these hot spots (male erogenous zones) that will transcend him to a new world of pleasure and will make you feel more desirable.

Erogenous Zones Map 

Before diving into knowing what parts of the body come under arousal triggers and how to stimulate them, you should know where you can find these male erogenous zones. To make it much easier for you we have divided the erogenous zones into two sections – genital vs. extragenital erogenous zones. Remember, everybody is different and has different erogenous zones. What’s sensual for one may or may not be tingly for another. Below mentioned are some erogenous zones that work for everyone. 

Male Erogenous Zones 

Extragenital Erogenous Zones 

Extragenital Erogenous Zones
Credits: Brittany England, Healthline

These are some not-so-common erogenous zones that can change the game when loved correctly – 

Their Beard

Let’s agree men like it when we touch their beards. To our surprise as well, the beard is considered as one of the male erogenous spots.

Try This: Start running your fingertips on the neck and slowly move upwards to the beard, caressing it, stroking it or kissing it, the choice is yours. 

Bottom Lips 

It is rightly said that you can know everything in that first kiss! The lips are the most sensitive part of the body. Take your time while kissing and let them sync in. 

Try This: Gently caressing the bottom lip and then going for a kiss is a sign of love. Start with nibbling on their bottom lip and then going harder, maybe with a gentle bite as well. 

Their Ears

Take it from us, ears are the most sensual zone of the body part and this goes both ways! A kiss accompanied by some tongue play on the ears can work like magic.  

Try This: Initiate sucking the top part of your partner’s ear and then run your tongue along the inside and feel the chills run down the spine of your partner. 


The nape or back of the neck is a hot spot as it has many nerve endings. This is the least used male erogenous zone and can do wonders. 

Try This: Follow a path and place a trail of kisses below your partner’s hairline to the nape and reach the spine. You can also induce the act by licking it. 

Inner Wrists 

The inner wrist is a part of the body that has many nerves, which makes them highly sensual. 

Try This: You can give the right indication to your partner by simply taking their hands and gently placing kisses on their inner wrist even in public. This act is all lovey-dovey and will give your partner an idea of your mood. If you and your partner are into BDSM, you can try tying his hands and stroking the skin with your fingertips, right from the armpits to the inner wrist and back. 

Navel And Lower Stomach 

The proximity to the genial area makes the lower stomach a highly sensitive zone and the navel is of course the door to the sensual route. 

Try This: You can do many things in the lower stomach. Start by dipping your tongue in the navel and then kissing, gently biting or stroking the lower stomach. You can also massage the area and fluctuate the pressure. Remember to play around the lower stomach with an empty bladder. 

Inner Thigh 

The inner thigh is the closest part to the genitalia. It is so sensitive that it can increase anticipation without even touching it. Try pounding the deepest breaths near the inner thigh and you will get to know. 

Try This: Before touching the penis it is important to take your time with the inner thigh. Experiment with your lips and start going from soft kisses to sucking harder on the inner thigh. 

Genital Erogenous Zones Or The Male G-Spot 

Genital Erogenous Zones
Credits: Brittany England, Healthline

These are the arousal spots in the penile region that can ignite pleasure and will leave your man wanting more. 


The glans is what we call the head of the penis and also the most sensitive part of the penis. 

Try This: Rub your wet lips gently over the fleshy head. Play with your tongue around the rim. And then dive into it with your mouth. Well-lubricated hands can add extra pleasure. 


This spot is where the shaft meets the head. It is the elastic piece of skin on the underside of the penis. This is the spot that triggers orgasm. 

Try This: Slide your lubed hand up and down the shaft and simultaneously graze the F-spot. During a blow job, pay extra attention to this hot spot with your tongue.


The foreskin is filled with nerve endings and stimulating it results in a highly pleasurable experience. 

Try This: Use a hand to move the foreskin up and down over the head of the penis. For oral, you can try a combination of hand, tongue, and lips. Always remember, the wetter the better!

Scrotum & Testicles 

This bag is filled with super-sensitive nerves and is considered a top male erogenous zones. 

Try This: Run your finger gently up and down the raphe, or let your tongue work its magic on the seam when performing oral.


This sensitive spot lies between the scrotum and the anus. The perineum as an erogenous zone is not known to all. 

Try This: Use your knuckles to apply pressure while moving it back and forth. For a mind-blowing climax do it as your partner nears ejaculation. 


The most underrated part, the prostate gland is a huge erogenous part. 

Try This: Run a lubricated finger around your partner’s anus to begin. If you want to experiment more, you can even try a sex toy.