The Tale Of Seduction

The Tale Of Seduction - Wedding Affair

Seduction is the art of creating tension, a rising build-up in the heart and endless vision of sparking desire in the mind that is so intense.

Sarah and Raghav share a loving relationship, a perfectly ardent duo acing life on all tangents. Achieving recognition for work, gushing love of families and an emotionally fuelled connection between the two helps smooth sailing of the relationship. However, vibrancy is lacking in their physical life. Always indulging in vanilla  sex, Sarah feels her sexual life is encrypted by a monotonous spree, so she wants to explore more and incite physical intimacy.

Flipping the pages of Seema Anand’s book ‘The Arts Of Seduction’ which is a sort of primer to the erotic – Kama Sutra, Sarah was excited to learn the seduction art. As much as she enjoyed reading this book she knew it held her answer to capture and resurrect a new chapter of intimacy in her life. The sections-love bites, erotic nerves and dildos of the book captivated her interest. Taking cues from the book and wild fictional articles online, she decided to spice up her sex life and unveil all her deep desires.

At seven pm, Sarah came out of the shower looking as fresh as a mellow. Water dripping from her wet hair and her body gleaming in traces of drops, she wore a bathrobe. Before getting all dolled up, she thought of amplifying the ambience to set up the mood. She lit some candles, stacked potpourri and dialled up the romantic vibe of the bedroom with soft pleasing music. 


The doorbell rang, and she knew it was him. Excited Sarah, dimmed the lights and waited for his husband to enter the bedroom. As soon as Raghav arrived, he was surprised by the flattering aesthetics of the room. Slowly sensing Sarah’s intention, he decided to play along. She came out of the bathroom in her most sultry lingerie covered with a satin cape, her hair still wet and her body shining as water traces sparkled in the light of the candle. Her fragrance was pleasing enough to allure her husband. Raghav who was tired of all the meetings and workload instantly had a spark in his eyes as he saw Sarah in the most seductive outfit. “Wow, you look hot,” said Raghav, with an intense gaze. Sarah replied playfully, “Is It?” decently flaunting her cape. She went closer to him, so that he could have a good sniff of her perfume and offered him a glass of wine. Putting her hands on his crisp shirt she said, “You must be tired, let me massage you.” Smirking, Raghav knew what was about to happen.

Sarah unbuttoned his shirt and started massaging him gently. Initiating the massage-cum-seduce game, she gently stroked his nape and started fondling his back and then pressed it. The touch felt sensuous. Releasing some signs of relaxation, he loosened himself. Massaging his shoulder and then moving to the chest, she made circular motions near his nipple, his legs shook a bit giving Sarah the right indication. She gave a subtle bite on his nipples. ‘Ahhh’ he growled. Playing Janet Jacksons’s “Would You Mind” in the background, she started swaying her butts to the beats. She started moving her hips in a slow circular motion leaning towards him and gave subtle kisses on his neck. Flipping her hair, she sat on his lap with her back facing him; her buttocks could brush against his member. Grinding on his lap, she raised the temperature of the bedroom. Sarah’s soft moans during the lap dance steered the ecstasy like never before. While Sarah was fully immersed in making his man go wild, he lightly caressed her back and butt, making her feel equally pleasurable. Turning around, she started leaving a trail of sloppy kisses from his chest to his pelvic region. On seeing Raghav closing his eyes and murmuring ‘Oh!’ Sarah asked with a smile, “You like it? I have more, my love.” She was about to delve into his lower region but was interrupted by a sudden pull of her hair. Pulling her hair and looking deep into her eyes, Raghav asked “Why don’t we focus on you a bit now?” Caught off guard by the sudden act of dominance, Sarah’s heart skipped a beat and her cheeks flushed. Within a fraction of seconds, she was thrown on the bed. Remembering the mention of sub-dom roles by his counterpart and mooning pleasures from ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, Raghav figured this was the right time to explore their kinks. Opening the drawer, he pulled out a pair of handcuffs. “Should we try this?” he asked. She nodded as she felt chills running down her spine. He tied her hands in the handcuff and blindfolded her with his tie. The black tie with grey stripes perfectly complemented the black satin lingerie that barely covered her breast. The harness-detailed panties looked enticing and made Raghav want to pound on her right away.

Standing right in front of her, he relished every bit of this smoking-hot scenario. Blindfolded Sarah started to feel a gentle rubbing on her lower lips. His fingers tickled her neck and then flickered her nipples over the satin clothing. Taking out ice from his glass, he popped it in his mouth and slowly kissed and admired every inch of her body. Feeling the cooling sensation on her delicate skin, she grasped for a breath. The handcuffs restrained her from expressing her thriving sensual energies which made the act much more enthralling. Teasing her, he started kissing from her ankles to her inner thighs and stopped for a while and then started licking again. This ‘Play and Pause’ left Sarah wanting more. He then licked her love dome as the sweetest treat. The cold strokes on her dome heightened the sense of pleasure. Unable to hold it anymore, she wanted to surrender. She arched her back, exhaling “Ohhh God!” “Shhh… quiet babe, you don’t wanna wake up the neighbours” he teased her. Taking control of the situation, he entered her body, delicately choking her. Shaking breaths, sweaty bodies and the deep thrusts transcended her to her wild self, they lost themselves to the euphoria of pleasure.