5 Sex Games That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Sex Games For Couples - Wedding Affair

Sex games! Sounds interesting right? Sex games can help couples discover their erotic languages and deepest desires. It helps to enhance intimacy among the partners. Sex games can be fun and non-threatening if played with the consent of the partners. It can spice up your mundane sex lie or can give you a new aspect to approach. Some say spontaneous sex is the best but many believe scheduled sex is more exciting and pleasurable. If you are someone, who enjoys scheduled sex the most, then you should incorporate some couple games in your sex life to make it more enthralling. Sex game requires a few preparations both mentally and physically and if you are up for it, we assure you that you will have one the best night filled with lots of excitement, fun and pleasure. Here is a list of fun games for couples you should try at least once in your life. 

Sex Games For Couples 

Find The Honey  

Find The Honey Sex Game

This DIY sex game is easy but we are not very sure about the mess you are going to create. Honey is an element that has many health beneficiary properties but there is one more benefit of honey you didn’t know, you can incorporate it into your sex game. Blindfold yourself and ask your partner to place honey somewhere on their body. When you’re ready, use only your tongue or mouth to find the honey in your partner’s body. The sensational touch of your tongue and wet mouth will transcend your partner to another world. Once you find the honey with your tongue, you know what to do now!

Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger Hunt Sex Game

Who doesn’t like to play scavenger hunts? But how about we mix it with some pleasures? For this scavenger hunt game, you need some things like soft handcuffs, a vibrator, a piece of lingerie, or even a blindfold. Each item should come with a letter; hide them all over the place. The notes provide “a hint on where to find the other [items].” A last, your partner will collect all the items and you can indulge yourselves in a fun experience. 

Sexy Dice 

Sexy Dice Game

A simple foreplay game for couples, this sex game does not involve a lot of elements. Pick up a pair of sexy dice from an adult shop near your place or you can curate one yourself. Take two sets of notes, write different body parts on one set and different actions and things to do on another set with numbers. Roll two dice and mix, as the number appears you have to mix and match the number of both sets, i.e. the body part and the thing you will be doing to the body part (open up all your imaginations). This game is fun and gives you the door to explore your kinks. 

Jar Of Desire 

Jar Of Desire Sex Game

Take 10-15 cards and write your deepest desire and fantasy in those cards. All the cards should comprise sexual-based questions. Put all the cards in a jar and once you and your partner are in the mood, take a card out from the jar and perform what is written on the card. Whatever card you pull out, that’s what you and your partner have to explore verbally or physically. This couple’s card games will make you end up having steamy sex in the bedroom or adventurous sex outside. 

The Post-It Game 

Post-It Game

This DIY sex game is easy to create. All you need to do is take different coloured Post-its and place them on your partner’s body that you find attractive and seductive or that you want to kiss and caress. Start exploring each other’s body and act on your desires until you can’t hold it anymore and tap out. This game increases your time of foreplay which ultimately enhances your sexual life.