6 Ways To Reignite Your Sexual Intimacy

Ways To Reignite Your Sexual Intimacy - Wedding Affair

It is mockingly said that ‘Once you’re married, people stop asking you about your sex life because they know you don’t have one, LoL.’ A joke that made a room full of people laugh is true in certain ways. After years of marriage, a relationship is bound to lose its spark, the conversations become mundane and the sex life comes to the verge of being dead. Sex certainly isn’t everything in a relationship but it is also an important aspect which results in the smooth sailing of the relationship. Sexuality in marriage is a very important factor which needs your utmost attention. Having less sex than before, declining satisfaction of the other partner or not having sex at all are some signs of your degrading sexual life. Do not fret, we have got you covered. When you feel sexuality in marriage life of yours taking a backseat, you need to do these six things to keep the sparks alive and spice things up. 

Igniting Sexuality In Marriage 

Prioritize Emotional Intimacy 

Emotional Intimacy

The sexual aspect of your marriage will become stronger if your emotional front is strongest. You cannot create physical intimacy or sparks in your relationship if you do not understand the emotional needs of your partner, acknowledge them and fulfil them accordingly. Emotional intimacy helps in building a bond in a relationship. It creates a deep level of safety and security in a relationship that allows you to be fully yourself and to be vulnerable with your partner. Giving your partner compliments, holding hands, hugs, caressing the cheeks or cuddling are a few non-sexual things that you can do to make your partner feel loved. 

Different Setting For A Change 

Different Setting For Sexual Intimacy

Confining sex to the bedroom is boring. How about enjoying pleasures on the sofa or the dining table or against the almirah, switching positions all over the living room? Fun! Isn’t it? You can amplify the ambience of your bedroom by lighting some scented candles and playing soft pleasing music in the background. You can also book a hotel, to get a break from your busy work schedule and be fully present for your partner. Plan for a weekend getaway with your partner, without any interruptions and lots of pleasure!

Get Real About Your Feelings 

Get Real About Your Feelings For Sexual Intimacy

First thing first, you need to express yourself. Talking about your feelings and your desires is the first step that helps in bringing back the spark in your relationship. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you will be grateful that you did it. 

Ask questions to your partner like – What helps get you in the mood? Where and how do you like to be touched? What turns you on? What’s your favourite position? When and where do you like to have sex? What is something you’ve always wanted to try? How often would you like to have sex? What can I do to make our sex life better? 

Listen to your partner and make a plan going forward including the details mentioned by him/her. 

Play Sex Related Games Or Incorporate Sex Toys 

Sex Toys For Sex Related Games

An activity that brings a new element to your sex life? Games. Sexual games spice things up. When things get mundane, you can incorporate a few sex-related games in your bedroom. These are great conversation starters and a catalyst that will turn all your deepest desires into reality. Strip Twister, Dirty Jenga, A Kama Sutra Deck Of Cards, and Eat Them Up are the few games that will bring your dead bedroom to life. Sex toys help to add extra “ooh” and “aah” to your quality time. Incorporate sex toys such as vibrators, anal sex toys, and penis rings to make your sex life more pleasurable. 

Look Sexy!

Look Sexy

Nothing is more captivating than a confident woman. Before getting into the play of love it is important to look sexy and well-groomed. Throw on some sexy lingerie that flaunts your curves, we can guarantee that your man wouldn’t be able to control himself. Men, make sure your body parts are clean and well-groomed. Spritz your favourite perfume to get the game going and spice things up. 

Switch The Roles 

Switch The Roles For Sexual intimacy

Do not create a specific routine or a particular habit of sex. Change your routine. Try to experiment and mix things up. Take turns initiating, instead, if your man is the dominant one in the bed, turn the tables around and take charge of the situation. Try some new positions, have oral sex (it is considered to be the most pleasurable element and also the one that gets women the most orgasms), use lubrication, a vibrator or other sex toys, act out a fantasy, have sex in different places, vary your style of sex and you will see significant changes in your sexual life.