Tweek your eyeliner look with these trendy styles


It’s a new year and it’s time to get new trends in order. Be it clothes or jewellery or make up it’s the new year where we should get new ones or throw out a few. But all together it’s time to bring out a new style in you . While you are busy sorting out your clothes, shoes, and hair. We believe its the eyes that are the window to the soul. And so we have curated a list of six stellar eyeliner looks to steal from celebrities this year, to help you stun in a whole new avatar.

The reverse cat eye look 

The reverse cat eye look is a fierce upgrade to the cat eye look it’s just inverted to focus the attention on your lower lash line. The result is a smoky, sultry undereye that wings out at the corner to create a sexy feline shape.

How to?  Extend that inner corner, then wing it out on the outer corner. Don’t worry about bringing it down too far—just keep it in the water line. Once we smoke it out with a brush, all of that work will be done for us.

Smudgy black liner 

It was a sign of It-girl coolness and rebellion, but also just extremely of the time. So you’re going out and you want a statement eye that’s messy, but in a good way. We know, the perfectly-imperfect messy look is the way to go. 

How to? Start off with a winged liner and then smudge it with black eyeshadow using a small blending brush till satisfies. Clean it up with a makeup wipe if you make any mistakes

Fox eyeliner 

One of the recent makeup trends in the beauty world has been fox eye makeup. Though similar to cat eyes and other winged eye looks, fox eyes have become a trend of its own, worn by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. 

How to?  For the Fox eyeliner look  emphasize the inner corners with eyeliner and the outer.  creating a sleek and straight wing on the end and blurring it all to remove any harsh lines.

All that glitters 

This is perhaps one of the easiest looks to pull off — and to recreate too! Take inspiration from bolly celebs and go for brown and gold eyeliner or try out whatever you feel will work with you 

How to?  Add extra glitz to a glam look by tracing your crease with gold sparkles. Bonus: dust some glitter on your inner corner and along your lower lash line to really make your eyes pop.