Dear Bride-To-Be, Here’s What You Must Carry In Your Bridal Lehenga Potli

Bridal Lehenga Potli - Wedding Affair

As part of a recurring trend that makes its due visit in bridal fashion industry, bridal potlis have always been a practical segment of bridal couture. Apart from escalating the look and make the entire bridal outfit complete, this essential addition to the bridal dress is way more useful as compared to its petite size.

It is indubitable fact that the wedding day is one of the most life-altering moments of the bride and groom’s entire life. Although it is the happiest day one could experience, it also comes with certain pressures and tribulations. Especially for the bride, since the bride is always expected to look her best and be her best.

Sporting that hefty amount of royal fabric as her dress for the entire night is no joke. To top it all, it is expected out of the brides to always keep smiling, looking their best, and to enjoy the night of their lives alongside. To make the hassles of this day a little bearable and easier for your upcoming wedding day, we urge you to consider carrying at least some of not all of these items in order to make your wedding day a comparatively more comfortable experience.

Safety Pins

As aforementioned, it is not a piece of cake to wear a voluminous lehenga on your wedding day. The lehenga itself weighs approximately close to that of a child. And we cannot forget about the exotic jewelry that adds onto the weight. With a plethora of styles available for bridal lehenga, one thing that is common is the adjustment of the fabrics right in the exact place so that it looks effortlessly beautiful. However, that adjustment is prone to get haphazard as the night passes by. Following this, it is always a good idea to carry a pair of safety pins in your potli so that the outfit looks seamless until the wedding customs have taken place. It will come in handy to pin your dupattas in place to your blouse and the lehenga itself. The safety pins are an essential add-on.

Small Contour Container Possibly With A Sponge

ContourIndian weddings are at least a night-long affair. It is safe to assume that the bride is going to wear her dress and make-up for at least 24 hours straight, which makes it rudimentary to equip yourself with make-up inventory that’ll help you take care of fine touch-ups throughout the night. The best part of carrying a compact contour container is that it comes in handy and can be used anywhere without the need of rushing to the lavatory. You can hand your compact contour palette to your bridesmaids and they’ll do the needful for you. It’s easy and saves the night.


LipstickA lipstick is a versatile addition for your potli. Wondering how? Well, the answer is simple. It can easily be used as a blush and a lipstick. So think of it as the one product that comes with two benefits. The wedding photography is going to be a last the entire night. So, you need to have a back-up with you to avoid looking worn out in the pictures of your wedding day. We highly recommend the addition of a good lipstick to your lehenga potli.

Lip Balm

For instance, you’re standing on the stage with your groom and the relatives are chiming in one after another to greet you both. But your lips are too chapped from the lipstick that was applied hours ago when you got ready for the big day. You can easily pop out the lip balm and give your lips a hydrating boost instantly. This will help make you look fresh and welcoming despite how tired you are getting from all the overstimulation of the day. However, it’s completely your choice to add the lip balm to your potli or not. It definitely is worth considering.

Lip Liner Pencil

You know what is worse than a washed out or chapped lipstick? It’s the lipstick that has the tendency to bleed through the lip lines and ruin the entire make-up. Consider preventing this blunder from happening by carrying a lip liner pencil with you in the potli. Again, it’s an easy fix as you can easily ask your bridesmaids to apply the lip liner properly and put it back. No matter how many touch-ups you need, it’s going to be there. This is why, it’s better being safe than sorry especially on your wedding day.

Setting Powder

Setting PowderOkay! It is an absolute essential to carry in your wedding lehenga potli. The setting powder is the game changer here. In order to ensure that your touch-up lasts long, the best bet is to secure it by using a setting powder.

Tissue Paper or Blotting Paper

If there is one non-negotiable item that must be added in your wedding potli, it definitely is going to be tissue papers or blotting papers. The weddings are an emotionally charged experience. You’re bound to get emotional and tear-up during this life-altercation. However, it is going to be the night that is going to give you a lifetime worth of memories. Don’t let those enriching memories get blurred by tears. Carry yourself a tissue, after all, your husband is going to carry it for you thereafter.


EyelinerAlthough the extravagant range of eyeliner products is available in the beauty market as of the present. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Carry the eyeliner so that you can touch it up and make it look fresh all throughout your wedding.

Travel Bottle of your D-Day Fragrance

The shelf life of almost all the perfumes enlast approximately 8 to 10 hours. Although applying a combination of irresistible scents is not an entirely new concept, you can carry the travel sized bottles of those layering fragrances and sprit yourself every once in a while to ensure that you’re smelling like a million bucks on your wedding day and night.

Dry fruits

Dry FruitsNow this might sound as an uncanny recommendation. But we urge you to hear us out. Throughout the wedding, you’re going to be busy. Sometimes getting photographs taken, sometimes meeting relatives, sometimes during the wedding customs, and what not. You might not get the time to eat before the dinner meal with your spouse. Even after that, you’re supposed to be in that attire for overnight and probably the first half of the next day. It might get exhausting. Carrying dry fruits is going to be a healthy alternative snack that you can munch on in between wedding escapades.

So, there you have it. An elaborative list of all the essentials that you must consider carrying in your wedding day potli. We sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoy your wedding day to the fullest and use the essentials mentioned in this list to help you get through your wedding day smoothly with a breeze.