Your guide to wedding worthy lashes


Second only to finding your perfect dress, possibly the most important part of achieving your dream wedding day look is nailing your hair and makeup. When it comes to applying makeup, bridal makeup is a whole different ball game.

Not only do you want to look and feel your best, your makeup needs to survive a full day, excel in all kinds of lighting, and look amazing through a camera lens.

Aside from flawless skin, the beauty priority of most brides is their eye makeup. They want their eyes to pop, they want them to stand out. Without a doubt, applying eyelashes will quickly and dramatically enhance your eyes.

From hardworking mascaras and totally extra looking falsies to celebrity-approved eyelash extensions, here are our favorite options for making sure that when you gaze across your big wedding day  you will be doing so beneath lashes that have truly risen to the occasion.

Faux eyelashes

 Whether you’ve worn them yourself or found them unbearably irritable. It’s no surprise that many brides are wary of how lashes will look, feel and last throughout their wedding day. But no bride should rule them out.Get high-quality eyelashes (try Shu Uemura!) and trim them down considerably. (I always cut them in half so I get two pairs out of one set!) And if possible, leave the application to a pro! Your makeup artist can apply your eyelashes perfectly on your big day.

Eyelash extensions.

Meticulously applied one teeny cluster at a time, eyelash extensions sound super high-maintenance, but they really aren’t. After you have them applied by a professional, you’ll have beautiful, fluttery lashes for a few weeks — no mascara necessary! Or you can choose to add a bit of mascara as well. If you’re taking an adventurous honeymoon and want to look your best without having to think much about makeup each day, eyelash extensions are the way to go.

Prescription eyelash serum

It takes a couple months so you’ll need to start using it a few months before your wedding. After using it diligently every night for about six weeks, these eyelash serums will for sure help you see a difference, and after a couple of months it is bound to give you  majorly thick, fluttery eyelashes perfect for your wedding day. The downside is that they may be expensive and a little out of the budget for something as simple as a eyebrow.

Phenomenal mascara 

Believe it or not there are quite a lot of mascaras out there in the market which have the ability to make your eyelashes go from nothing to everything. Also keep in mind that even if you don’t think you’ll tear up on your big day, waterproof mascara is the best option to ensure your lashes will make your eyes pop in every photo without the fear of smearing or flaking off before your first dance. The last thing you want to be dealing with is runny mascara from those ceremony tears.