10 step korean skin care guide


The term Korea skin care is everywhere .This magical 10 step process which promises glassy, spotless gorgeous skin so what is it exactly?

There is no denying that Korean beauty, music or dramas are everywhere.  Korean beauty (AKA K-beauty) is a major influence on influencers and celebrities. The extensive 10-step process. Here, a rundown on steps one through 10.


Step One: Using an oil cleanser.

Applied onto skin with makeup and mashed until it melts the makeup and tissue off, the goal is to remove makeup and any other oil-based product residue, like sunscreen.

Step Two: Followed by a foam cleanser.

for what’s known as a double cleanse. a foaming face wash gets rid of dirt and sweat, plus any remaining grime that may still be left over on your skin. 

Step Three: Mild Exfoliation

In the Korean skin care routine, exfoliation is done daily using a mild exfoliator. Not only does this step help clean out clogged pores, it also sloughs off the dead and dry cells. 

Step Four: Applying a toner.

Toners add as an extra prep or hydration step. After double cleansing and then exfoliating, your skin is most likely ready for a little nourishment.

Step Five: Essence.

Essence comes  between toners and the treatments that are to come. Delivering just the lightest amount of hydration, a skin essence leaves your complexion instantly soft and supple.

Step Six: Treatments

This is when serums, ampoules, or boosters come into play, and this is when specific issues like hyperpigmentation, post inflammatory pigmentation or redness is targeted.

Step Seven: Masking

In the Korean beauty routine. Masking is a daily occurrence; the formula is once again chosen based on a particular skin care need you’re trying to address.

Step Eight: An eye cream

Use a multi-tasking formula that addresses multiple concerns: puffiness, visible fine lines, dark circles. Instead of swiping it on, gently tap it in using your ring finger or pinky.

Step Nine:  Face moisturizer.

A dedicated face cream that combines a gel formulas are a favorite in the K-beauty space, since they absorb quickly, making them a good option to use under SPF and makeup, and also leave skin with a nice radiance and glow.

Step Ten : Sunscreen spf 50

At the end of the day, the importance of this final step simply can’t be underestimated or complete applying SPF regularly may just be one of the biggest differences between Korean and other skin care regimens, so follow their lead and be sure to use a broad-spectrum with at least an SPF 30 every day,