5 Things That Can Screw Up Your Sangeet Ceremony


Before the actual wedding comes the pre-wedding rituals which can be quite exhausting and unnerving. Whether it be haldi ceremony or the vibrant sangeet ceremony, each of these rituals come with their own shares of troubles. Here are 5 things that can ruin your sangeet ceremony and spoil your mood.

1. The DJ Forgets To Bring Your Playlist


Now, where does a sangeet ceremony stand without the DJ belting out hit tracks and guests dancing to his tunes? So, make sure to personally take care of this and keep checking with the DJ.

2. Beware Of The Uncoordinated Guests

Carolyn Scott Photography

Uncoordinated guests not only cause inconvenience to the fellow dancers but also make the whole dance routine appear like a mess. Make sure to practice a lot beforehand in order to improve coordination.

3. You Lose Your Jewellery


While dancing away happily you notice that the personalised floral earring of yours starts to break or even worse you lose your jewellery. Chances are you won’t be able to find your ornaments when the dance floor is literally flooding with people.

4. Your BFF Gets Stuck In Traffic


It will definitely be nothing less than a nightmare if your best friend who was to perform at your sangeet can’t make it to your function.

5. Overexcited Dancer Who Forgets The Steps

The Wedding Brigade

There are always people who are more excited than others and in this excessive excitement they end up forgetting their steps and successfully ruining the whole act.

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