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Here’s why you should eat ghee

If you are hesitant about including ghee in your diet due to various misconceptions linked to it, read on to learn more about its advantages.

Head to these places in India for a destination wedding

The Destination Wedding season is back once again! Here are some Indian destinations you can tie the knot in.

High-protein breakfast options for a happy body

It’s true when people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It gives you a kickstart to the day and choosing the...

Warning signs to look out for in a relationship

It is best to call it quits as it might be that your relationship is doomed. Look out for these signs to know if your relationship is over.

Skinimalism will be 2021’s biggest beauty trend

You might not yet have heard of the term skinimalism, but chances are you’ve unknowingly been seeing it all over your beauty feed since 2020.

Ways to make your home summer ready

Summer brings with it a variety of things. So we have for you the ultimate guide to make your humble abode ready for the summers!

Heatless curl hacks that you need to know

These five heatless curl hacks are literally genius and will help keep split ends at bay and prevent damage caused by heat styling.

Here are some ways you are ruining your sleep

In the world we currently live in, sleep is no longer for the weak, but for the strong. Here are some ways you could be ruining your sleep.

How to achieve the high gloss hair trend celebs love

Healthy hair is at the top of our 2021 beauty agenda, if glossy hair feels out of reach right now, don’t worry, we’re here to show you how.

Superfood you should include in your diet — Turmeric

From preventing cancer to fighting depression, check out some of the health benefits of this superfood turmeric.

Here’s how you can keep your kitchen spick and span

Wedding Affair brings to you some easy and quick hacks to keep your kitchen counter clutter-free and organised. 

Workouts that are actually *fun* and help you

From boxing to aerial yoga, these exercises will get your endorphins flowing and your body moving in a way that actually feels good.