5 Ways To Have Vaginal Orgasm

5 Ways To Have Vaginal Orgasm - Wedding Affair

Are you craving a heart-thumping orgasm that makes you go breathless where your back arches and you are left with a spine-chilling sensation? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Orgasms are hard, especially for vulva owners but with the right tactics, experimentation, consistency and longer duration you will be able to achieve a mind-numbing orgasm. According to the reports, 82% of women cannot orgasm from sexual intercourse alone. Most of the vulva owners can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. If you want to explore and have a vaginal orgasm, then continue reading this article. Vaginal orgasms are hard to achieve but they are not impossible. Communicate with your partner about your sexual needs and desires and send these tips to him so that he can get your world rocking. 

Tips For Vaginal Stimulation 

The below-mentioned tips can help to induce pleasure during sexual intercourse making it easy for you to achieve vaginal orgasm. Even after trying these tips, you are unable to achieve vaginal orgasm, that’s completely normal. Direct clitoral stimulation is usually needed to experience a female orgasm but you can always spice up things to make your love-making more pleasurable!

Foreplay, Foreplay And Lots Of Foreplay! 


Never underestimate the act of foreplay. Foreplay is very important to get things going on smoothly. Foreplay helps to prepare the body, it arouses the female body and makes the vagina well-lubricated. It takes a longer time for female bodies to reach the level of arousal. This is why excellent foreplay is needed by the female partner to reach their orgasm. Foreplay helps both physical and emotional purposes. It prepares the mind and body for sex. Kissing, touching each other’s body and oral sex are a few elements of foreplay needed to make sexual intercourse much more enjoyable. 

Stimulate The Clitoris 

Stimulate The Clitoris

We can’t emphasise this enough, clitoral stimulation is everything. As discussed above, most of the vulva owners reach orgasm only through clitoral stimulation. Clitoris or clit is the small hood of skin located above the vagina, right on the pubic bone. It is the most sensitive erogenous zone for females because it has many nerve endings. A significant reason why vulva owners do not achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse is that the clit is not stimulated during penetration. Before diving into the cave of pleasure it is important to stimulate the clitoris. One can either use a finger or stimulate the clitoris with your mouth (oral sex) or a sex toy to make things extra steamy which will help the female partner to reach the euphoria of pleasure. Tip – Work with different amounts of pressure and touch to see what works best. 

Try Different Sex Positions 

Different Sex Positions

The best position to achieve orgasm with vaginal penetration is the one in which the clitoris or the G-spot of the vagina gets highly stimulated. The G-spot is located a few centimetres along the inner front wall of the vagina. To hit the G-spot which is an elusive zone of female anatomy, all you need to do is penetrate the vagina in an upward direction i.e. towards the belly button and in a ‘come hither’ motion. This will stimulate the G-spot resulting in a satisfying orgasm. Two significant sex positions that help to stimulate the G-spot while penetrating are ‘Doggy style’ and ‘Cowgirl’. In these positions, you can easily control the pace, depth and angle during sex.  

Make Lube Your Best Friend 

Use Lube

If you want to make things smooth in the bedroom, incorporate lube in your sexual play. Lubricant adds moisture which can reduce friction and make sex more comfortable. Female bodies produce enough lubrication but sometimes it’s better to add extra lube to get things going smoothly. Lubricant makes penetrative sex more pleasurable. This one addition to your sex life can amp up things. Whichever type of lubricant you decide to use, apply it on your fingertips and then on the desired area or a sex toy. If you are using a condom it is advised to avoid oil-based lubricant as it can increase the risk of tearing out of the condom. 

Communication Is The Key

Communication Is The Key

Communication can not only improve your relationship but can enhance the intimate relationship between the partners. It is better to be vocal about your feelings, your needs, your desires, your fantasies and your turn-offs with your partner. This will give your partner a guiding map to reach the pleasure of destination with the route you love. Try to be a good listener too and return all the favour with similar dedication to keep them equally satisfied. 


A vaginal orgasm is not a milestone to achieve. It is an additional pleasurable element to make things hot in the bedroom. Relax your mind and enjoy the process and allow your mind and body to experience the sex fully. A blend of above-mentioned tips and a relaxed mind can help you achieve a fulfilling vaginal orgasm that you craved for.