7 Reasons Why Men Look Younger than Women


Ladies, disclaimer – You are definitely not going to like this piece (we’re sorry), but you will gain some insightful facts to level up your appearance for sure (we’re welcome). Audiences around the world have seen visible differences between men and women. Well, there is a reason why older male celebrities are still in demand, and equally aged female icons receive calls no more. While it is unfair, it also holds some sort of validity – Women do appear more mature than men, at first glance. So, what do we do? Do we allow this to continue, or do we try and learn about it, with the motive to override it (after some crying, of course)?

Let us have a look at some impactful pointers that explain why and how men look younger than women for extended years of life (lucky you, guys) –

  • Biological Differences between Genders
We can see how pregnancy affects the appearance of a woman.

Men, women, and other others are born and raised with very different methods, lifestyles and environments. Naturally, they adapt changes in a varied manner. Only a woman, or a person with a vagina can undergo menstruation, pregnancy and finally, menopause. This is one huge rigorous cycle that shifts the entire balance of your body. Especially, during pregnancy, women experience hyper cell production which in turn reduces the hormones that control skin ageing. Also, sleepless nights and continuous adds to the same.

  • Men have Longer Lasting Hormones

Collagen is a body protein that is found plentiful in both men and women. It basically keeps your body tissues connected to each other. This is a scientifically proven fact that men have higher levels of collagen in their body, which is why they experience slower ageing. Women, on the other hand, lose this protein comparatively faster. Unfortunately, one cannot bring the lost collagen back, but you can any day intake more of it. Try having collagen-rich foods like fish, egg whites, citrus fruits, berries and garlic often to boost your youth.

  • Men are Thick Inside Out

Thick skins take time to deplete, and thin layers of skin are more vulnerable to mature faster. Keeping aside the slang “Men are built tough,” it is true to a great extent. Male skin has a width of approx 1.5mm, whereas females range from 0.07-0.15mm. This clearly indicates that man beef tends to stay younger for a long time, and woman layers grow older quicker.

  • Difference in the Levels of Testosterone
It is visible how estrogen and testosterone play a huge role in changing the face.

Defined as Female Hormones and Male Hormones respectively, Estrogen and Testosterone are components that run in your bloodstream to induce fertility and sexuality. Both of these are present in all bodies, however, their levels might be different. Men have higher levels of testosterone in comparison to the quantification of estrogen in females. Hence, a far better ageing process/

  • Men are Far More Beauty Inclined
Trimming your beard and hair regularly creates an illusion of a younger age.

It seems like women take more care of their skin and bodies than men. But to our surprise, this is a false statement (um, indirectly). Men, without intention, indulge in better and frequent beauty maintenance sessions than the other gender. Did you know shaving your face on regular intervals helps you exfoliate your skin? And that getting period hair trims makes your hair look younger? Well, these are some of the most common physical attributes that supply for your visible ageing.

  • Women are Candy Lovers
Women tend to choose sweet over salty.

There are multiple studies conducted across the globe that prove how unlikely the food preferences are for men and women. While a gent would usually prefer snack food like pasta, pizza, or sandwiches, women will never say no to sweets and desserts. Sugar adds up to your levels of cholesterol, risks of heart diseases, and overpowers the power nutrients in your body, which leads to a long lost youth.

  • Over Orientation over Healthy Food
To look younger, one must have types of food in proportions.

A misconception that runs around the market is – “No carbs is a better way of life.” No way! Your body needs adequate amounts of all the nutrients and food components, to help your body stay in the right shape and health. This includes fats and carbs also. Subtracting fats from your diet and inclining towards “fat free food” is a bummer for your strength. In such cases, men have a better knowledge. They focus on eating right and not eating less (gotta give you that boys). When your body does not receive enough carbohydrates, it loses the binding force and starts looking paler than before.

Well, we all know that women stress more (due to men, of course). And the above stated facts worry them even more. Ageing is a natural process which cannot be reversed, but yes, it can be slowed down. You can always include healthier food options in your diet, and modify your lifestyle. Opt for better eating, rather than less eating. Find motivation to work on a better version inside out, instead of shedding the sweat just for the sake of it. After all, a happier heart and soul, is a healthier heart and soul.