Honeymoon Skin and Body Care for Brides to Be


Yes, we are back at it – the Wedding tales. Oh, actually we never left those in the first place. Let’s take a different route this time and focus on what goes on after you hit the big bells. Honeymoon it is! It is pretty obvious that after a rigorous routine of finalizing venues, food, outfits, and then taking care of your body and health for the big day, you must be super exhausted. The actual ceremony day with a lush attire with heavier than ever make up and jewelry is just the cherry on the cake. And now you have to prep for days-long honeymoon with your one and only?! The calm emotion just left the conversation.

Do not worry; Team Wedding Affair will help you organize your upcoming days of “first holiday together” by listing some important items you need to pack (other than sunscreen), to help you survive the ride, beautifully.

  • Moisturizer

We know you know it already. But brides often tend to ignore this basic piece of self care. Whether you are travelling to the hills, the plains, or the beaches, hydrating your skin is of utmost importance. It helps your skin breath while acting as a protective layer over it.

  • Lip Balm

A moisturizer for your lips is a lip balm. Many people assume that balms work best for dry and chapped lips. Well, that is not the case as they act as a shield for one of the thinnest and most sensitive layers of skin. If you are heading to a beach, opt for an exfoliating lip balm. For hilly areas, oil based balms are the right picks. Choose a basic moisturizing balm for the plains.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Decades old grandma tips are making their way back to modern skin care. Aloe Vera works as a calming agent, glow agent, antioxidant and a universal healer too. The element can be used in your hair to perform a deep cleanse after a beach run, on your face to remove excess dirt and pollution from the roads, and on your body to improve appearance. Brides can go for an all-in-one aloe Vera gel to treat their skin worries.

  • Body Oil

Similar to a moisturizer, but with benefits of healing, body oils are the new hit in the skincare market. Simply apply a body oil right after shower, and let it sit for a while before you leave your room. This will bring a subtle shine to your body, heal any damages, and provide hydration. Another benefit of using oils is that they contain soothing elements that reduce stress and anxiety levels. Also, if you and yours have lost all energy after a heavy day outside, you can also give each other a deep body massage session using body oil.

  • Face and Body Scrub

Who would want to go to bed with all the particles they have been carrying throughout the day? No one right. So, this is why you need to carry a face and body scrub separately, as the skin on your face and your body has different needs. Get into the shower and rub a coin-sized amount of scrub on your skin to exfoliate deep pores.

  • Face and Body Mist

Mists are milder than deodorants and perfumes, and they last shorter than the latter. But, body mists are considered to be a protector of your natural body odor. Body mists act as a layer between your skin and the deodorant/ perfume, which also increases the longevity of the others. You can also choose to wear only a mist for a lighter day. While body mists refresh your body odor, face mists act as a breath of fresh air for your front.

  • Female Hygiene

Probably the most important components of your must-have honeymoon kit are intimate care products. Genitals tend to act differently when move to a different demography as usual. And with positive chances of sexual settings, intimate hygiene should be a priority. An intimate wash, sanitary pads/ tampons/ menstrual cup and a razor, along with an after-shave gel are our primary picks. We will ask you to skip any kind of intimate mists, as they tend to cause burning and inflammations.

  • Makeup Remover

It is a given that new brides wear a good amount of makeup at least during the initial months of the wedding, and honeymoon is no different. We are well aware that you are going to ace all looks with the perfect amount of strokes, but there is something you need to do later. Some women choose to sleep with their makeup on, and this triggers skin damage. We want you to glow, but the right way. Use a micellar water, or oil-based removers or wet wipes that thoroughly cleanse your skin and do not dry out your layers.

So, these were the power essentials every bride must carry and use during the days of honeymoon. We know how hectic it could get for you, but honey, oh-is-it a predominant. We are hoping for you to post delightful pictures on your IG soon with your hubby, thanks to the tips you followed above.