A Fruity Touch With Shiv Fruit Mart

Fruit Catering Service

Served three generations of the same families for their Shaadi celebrations and other ceremonies.

In India, we are culturally rooted in bringing in a variety of fruits to the ceremonies —whether it is an offering to God, treating the guests, gifting on auspicious events, or at celebrations, the importance of fruits lies in their abundance and no denying they add an aesthetic appeal to the event too. 

Shiv Fruit mart is an 80-year-old premier fruit catering service, one of the nurtured fruit retail stores in Bengali Colony, Delhi. They deliver 

Fresh fruit catering — exclusive fruit catering services with a wide range of imported fruits, Exotic fruits make it a redefining experience for your guests.

Mexican fruit cart — instantly lifts your mood with a cup of tropical fruit like mangoes, pineapples, watermelons, cucumbers and many more, seasoned with lime, salt, herbs, and spices to add zest. 

Fruit Catering ServiceGrilled fruit station — say fruit-licious to the juicy, warm, soft, caramelised fruits and satisfy your sweet tooth. Appetisers can’t get sweeter and healthier than this. 

Platter station — create your custom platter to delight your taste buds with mouth-watering fruit options and innovative fruit platters designed by a talented pool of chefs. 

Sun-dried fruit station — we all love to have that crunch or sometimes add a bit of chewiness to our fruit bowls, giving them extra texture and flavour. 

Fruit Catering ServiceThailand-style fruit cart — you may also want to add extra oomph and colour to your wedding by getting a Thailand-style fruit cart and enjoying fresh, seasoned fruits on the go.  

Live fruit cream — add a little fun by replacing your ordinary ice cream stall at a wedding or any other event with live fruit cream. Adults will enjoy this as much. Kids will love this! 

Next time you have a wedding or any event planned, check out Shiv Fruit Mart, trusted by more than 20,000 happy customers.