All About The Fall NYFW & LFW 2023

All About The Fall - NYFW & LFW 2023 - Wedding Affair

“Autumn leaves are falling, filling up the streets; golden colours on the lawn, nature’s trick or treat!”- Rusty Fischer 

It’s the arrival of the fall season when nature starts getting covered in shades of Sepia and the winds start making a rustling sound. The fall season marks the beginning of festivities and celebrations. It is the best time to change your style and experiment with fashion so that you can enter a new year in a new avatar. This fall season, WA brings all the spice and secrets from the glamorous fashion industry that will help you elevate your style effortlessly. 

Flossing That Midriff 

Midriff Flossing

From alluring corsets to mesh cropped tops, the infamous ‘bare the midriff’ fashion agenda has made a significant trend. Flaunting the midriff, the streets of London and New York witnessed belly-baring tops paired with loose low-rise baggy jeans and asymmetrical skirts. Many models walked the ramp in bralettes or bandeaus, or even simple bikini tops, worn with a jacket or open knit. As the weather gets chilly, you can flaunt the midriff but still protect yourself from chilly air by adorning a jacket or cape on top. This fashion element will make you look fashion-forwarded and free-spirited. 

WA Advice: Try adorning a floss top with matching bottoms for a cohesive look. 

Flair It With Fringes & Feathers 

Flair It Up With Fringes This Fall Season

Fringes and feathers made a big appearance on the catwalks, be it on skirts, dresses or tops. Fringes and feathers add a dramatic look to your outfit. These dangling threads look fascinating. You can either opt for a fully fringed/feathered attire or just a dash of these dramatic threads on the seams and hemlines. You can slay the minimalistic flair with a drama with fringes or feathers. You can incorporate fringes or feathers to your look in various forms like bodycon dresses, gowns or pantsuits

WA Advice: Opt for dresses in bold colours like black and white as fringes and feathers already have a captivating effect on your look. 

New And Upbeat – Dresses Over Trousers 

Dresses Over Trousers This Fall

The fashion industry is revitalizing an old styling trick that was loved in the early 2000s – skirts and dresses over jeans. The streets of London and New York witnessed fashionistas putting a fresh spin on the old favourite. This trend is quite unconventional but can also protect you from these upcoming chilly winds. The trick is to opt for a dress with movements like ruffles, fringes or volume so that you create a differentiation between the top and the bottom. You can also adorn a sheer material on top to make it look chic. 

WA Advice: Aim for a balanced silhouette. Opt for slimmer trousers with a dress that has volume, or a slim mini-dress with wider or bootcut pants.

Comeback Of Red Dresses 

Red Dresses

LBD (Little black dress) is for the yesteryears. This season, we could see the fashion runways inclined towards red dresses. After several seasons of lingerie-inspired see-through dresses, and dominatrix-like leather or vinyl dresses, Fashion Week marks the comeback of red dresses. Red dresses give a hint of sensuality and feminine allure. The fall season plays around warm hues like brown, orange, yellow and the most fascinating red. You can either choose your aesthetic to be seductive and glamorous chic and gothic or ‘not-so-formal’ with hues of red. Red dresses with cutouts can earn you extra brownie points. 

WA Advice: Go for a monochromatic suit in a fiery hue or pair it with black, navy, beige and white when it comes to separates. 

Floral Extravaganza 

Floral Print Dresses

Floral prints are often associated with the vibrant summer and spring season but have you considered it an autumnal staple? Florals are becoming a cult favourite for this fall season. The runway saw models walking in 3-D floral embroidery, appliqués, and floral-shaped ruffles, bringing this trend with a bang! If you don’t want to go overboard but still experiment with the trend you can ditch 3-D florals and opt for beautiful floral prints. Go for silhouettes with a deep base colour like black or charcoal grey and let the floral pop on top. Brighten up the fashion landscape with these vibrant hued blooms in the depths of winter. 

WA Advice: Floral dresses have a playful accent, it is advised to keep your makeup and hair minimal. 

The Timeless Cargo 


Streetstyle fashion especially during the fall season can never go wrong. The baggy silhouettes and number of layers adorned not only keep you warm but also keep you ahead of the fashion curve. Cargo pants have always been a staple for street-style fashion. The versatility of cargo pants makes it a pretty classic choice for fashion enthusiasts. They can be paired with crop tops, bralettes, T-shirts and more. It is also an amazing addition to everyone’s wardrobe irrespective of style, aesthetics, age or gender. The streets of the fashion capital witnessed people adorning cargo pants with plenty of pockets. 

WA Advice: Pair a corset top with cargo pants and you can nail street style and edgy aesthetics both at the same time.    

Let The Stripes Speak

Stripe Dress

The New York runways showcased the importance of stripes for the fall season. This perennial never falls off the fashion radar but rather comes vibrantly in different forms. Stripes give you a bold and edgier look. Bolder, chunkier lines and abstracted graphics will be a go-to flair for this season. Resurging maximalism, this element exudes elegance and sophistication. You can opt for bodycon dresses, pantsuits or even sarees in stripes to nail the trend. An affluent combination of vivid colours and stripes can take your look a notch higher. 

WA Advice: Always go for vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones as it will make your posture elongated and your height taller.