The Era Of Popping Pinks – Barbiecore

Barbiecore Trend - Wedding Affair

If hot pinks and over-the-top hair and makeup are your cup of tea, it’s Barbiecore that’s calling out to you. A blazing trend to exude feminine allure, we show you how it’s done!

As summer is on the verge of saying goodbye to us, we are encapsulating all the trends that were super-hit this season including 90’s makeup, the blush era and the most iconic makeup trend ‘Barbiecore’ aesthetics. Pantone chose Viva Magenta as the colour of the year 2023, but the rest of the world lost their hearts to its ‘cooler’ sibling – a vibrant Barbiecore pink. All hail Greta Gerwig’s much-awaited feature film ‘Barbie’ that slated the world of makeup with everything pink-everything Barbie and bought the toy doll in her Renaissance era. From celebrities to fashionistas everyone fell head over heels for the hottest trend of the season – Barbiecore. Vibrant and striking, yet feminine and fun, a nostalgic shade of pink is the element of traditional Barbiecore. A pop of vivid colour is the attribute of summer style. The mantra for slaying the Barbiecore trend is to embrace every hue of pink that one can dream of. We have brought you all the inspiration you may need to help you ace this aesthetic and make your way into Barbie’s world!

Pop Of Colours For The Eyes 

Pop Of Colours For The Eyes - Barbiecore Look

It’s time to walk away from the old smokey eyes and add a dash of colour to your eyes. Barbiecore trend encompasses various shades of pink—from neon pops to bubblegum to fuschia to watermelon – combined with a hyper-feminine aesthetic to fulfil almost every 90s child’s playtime dream. Playful and vibrant is the theme for Barbie-inspired eyes. If you are a newbie in this realm and want to play safe, you can opt for a rose gold eyeshadow paired with rosy pink blush. If you want to go the extra mile you can choose a monochromatic pink shimmer on the eyes for glossy lids that can captivate all the attention. For a bold look, you can go for sharp winged eyeliner paired with full, fluttery lashes, but remember to amplify it with a pop of pink colour. Monochromatic being the go-to style in 2023, you can ace the Barbiecore look with a monochromatic makeup that complements the eyes, cheeks and lips. For a dramatic effect, you can add a glistening pink shade to your lower line. Take inspiration from Megan Fox who looked swoon-worthy in Babiecore makeup. 

Pink Drape With Blush 

Pink Drape With A Blush

A rendition of Barbiecore makeup is draping lots of blush. Blush adds an enigmatic colour to the skin. Giving a nod to the minimalistic look, it can be worn sophisticatedly or you can pop bold and bright colours to your cheeks. Available in various forms like powder, cream, gel, and liquid, blushes can add a touch of feminine allure to your face. Apply punch pink blush on your cheekbones, extend it all the way to your temples and seamlessly blend it for a much-finished look. For a minimal take, you can adorn an enchanting fuchsia pink dress and accentuate your cheeks with popping blushes. 

Perfect That Pout 

Pink Lips

Giving a subtle nod to the Barbiecore makeup trend, pink lips are the way to go ahead with the trend. From light nude pink shades or bright berry pinks to soft pastel shades and sizzling fuchsia hues, there is an array of options when it comes to creating that pout. The key factor is to use a matching lip liner to keep the shape of your lips neat and defined. Lip glosses have now become a cult favourite, we can witness it have a moment in the recent runways and red carpets. To emulate Barbie’s lips you have to accompany your pretty pink lips with the radiant glow of glosses. 

Be-Dazzle With Face Embellishments 

Barbiecore Look Face Face Embellishments

Serve the maximalist aesthetic in just the right way with glistening face embellishments. You can easily achieve this makeup look by adding some rhinestones or stick-on sparkles near your eyes. Face embellishments make you stand out effortlessly and you can turn heads with utmost elan. Take cues from Camila Cabello, who nailed her Barbie look with monochromatic pink makeup and added extra ounces of oomph with pink face embellishments. A fun element, this eye-makeup look can add extra drama and glam to your look.  

Nail It With Pink!

Pink Nails

A perfectly manicured hand is a sign of a high-class woman. With Barbiecore aesthetics being all the rage right now, you can flaunt your nails with vibrant hues of pink. Chrome nails, French metallic tips and euphoria-inspired nails are some of the most popular manicure styles of 2023. Pastel nail colours like Periwinkle, Matcha Green and pastel pink are in vogue this year. Who better to get inspiration from than the Barbie muse herself? Margot Robbie flaunted her nails with a custom mix of pink shades, plus a glitter topcoat. Manicured nails give you an edgy look and add a sophisticated charm.