An Accidental Love Turned Into Happily Ever After


Passionate, persistent, pleasant and perpetual that’s how one defines the love story of Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl who were destined to meet each other. From being poles apart to getting enamoured by the bond of togetherness, their souls sparkled with ‘love at first sight’, paving way for an everlasting devotion towards each other. Their unshaking support and affection for each other magnified into an inspiration during devastating times.

They say people cross paths for a reason, whether they stay in your life or not; some of them imprint their footsteps forever. Unfolding one such ‘boy meets girl’ story, it wasn’t long ago, there lived a Punjabi munda who from his heart and soul belonged to a typical Bollywood family. His hopes were high and the passion in his eyes shone like stars in clear sky. He was working hard towards his dream of becoming a great filmmaker like his father (Ramesh Behl). One fine day, he came across a demure and reserved Marathi mulgi on a film set. He laid his eyes on the most beautiful damsel on earth who had taken his breath away. At that precise moment he realised that he has found the love of his life in the Humma Humma girl. Awestruck by her charm, he had no idea how to approach her, but luck favoured him in numerous ways. His sister knew the girl and introduced him to her and from then on, their bond started to grow stronger with each passing day. The boy was Goldie Behl and the bashful beauty was none other than Sonali Bendre.

The First Glimpse

Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl

The tale dates back to 1994, when the shooting of the film ‘Naaraaz’ was in progress. While assisting director-producer Mahesh Bhatt, Goldie Behl saw Sonali Bendre on the set, and instantly fell in love with her. Sonali Bendre’s career was at its peak at that time, while he had just started his career as an assistant director. She had no clue that someone had become her secret admirer. So smitten by her beauty he was that he vowed to make her his eternal partner. Later on, Behl came to know that his sister Shrishti Arya was acquainted with Bendre, and decided to approach Sonali through his sibling. He was fascinated by each and every action of hers, no matter how minute they were. Bendre’s slow-eating habit was the key factor that broke the ice between them, even though she did not appreciate his witty comment on the same. He was happy that at least they had talked to each other. One conversation led to another and they became friends. Goldie lost his father when he was 13 and the consecutive year he lost his grandfather too. He was brought up by five strong, amazing women — his mother, grandmother and three sisters. This enabled him to understand the actress better than anyone else in the world.

Sonali was born in a Marathi family. Her father worked in CPWD (Central Public Works Department) and was transferred every two years. Pursuing her higher education in Mumbai she began her career in modelling early.

They say when God wants you to meet someone, he lets it happen one way or the other, ultimately makes it magical for those witnessing it – much like Bendre and Behl.

When The Love Bloomed


It was during the shoot of ‘Angaaray’, wherein Behl was assisting Mahesh Bhatt while Bendre was also a part of the project, that their friendship flourished. Behl never missed a chance to contact the actress or even sneaking on her whenever he got the opportunity. At the same time, Bendre was working on ‘Major Saab’, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn. During that time, Goldie regularly visited the set to meet his best friend Abhishek Bachchan but his intention was something else – to woo Sonali. Although the film didn’t do well, it brought both of them closer.

Initially, it was unrequited love for Goldie as Sonali remained in denial. Never moving from the path of showering his love and affection for her, made the actress accept his love. Their friendship turned into a lifelong relationship and Their association reached the level where both of them were comfortable in sharing everything with each other without hesitation, and it was time that Goldie took the momentous step in their relationship. On Abhishek Bachchan’s birthday, without much thinking he popped the crucial question that he had been dreading to ask. Bendre responded with a yes, starting their journey of love.

Union Of A Lifetime

He being a Punjabi and she being a Marathi now raised a question of how their parents will react to their relationship. Sonali being already close to Goldie’s mother and sister, it was Goldie’s turn to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. Him being younger, comparatively less educated and above all a non-Marathi, primarily created a hindrance. But his devotion towards Sonali won him the adulation of her family and in no time they agreed to their imperfectly-perfect match straight from the heaven. It was in November 2002, Sonali Bendre tied the sacred knot with her beau Goldie Behl. Their marriage was a lavish affair where many celebrities from the world of entertainment, politics, and sports became witness to their holy matrimony.

Life After The Espousal

Sonali Bendre with her son

Life after their wedlock never changed much, for the couple. They wondrously managed their personal and professional lives. In 2003, Bendre debuted in the Marathi film industry. The same year, Goldie Behl co-founded Rose Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd. –  a company that dealt in the business of making television software and film production. After three years of their conjugality, Bendre gave birth to a baby boy, named Ranveer who according to Behl was the best gift his wife had given him. In 2008, Behl made his directorial debut, ‘Drona’ and later went on to produce the films, ‘London Paris New York’ and ‘I, Me Aur Main’. He has also dabbled with producing television serials. In 2014, she debuted as a lead actress in a television series called ‘Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye’. Within an year, Bendre had published her first book, ‘The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments with Parenting’. Being an avid reader, The actress always cherished reading. Sixteen years after the wedding their love has only grown stronger with each day.

The Drastic News

In July 2018, came the unrelenting news that jolted everyone. Bendre was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. It was a hard time coping for the family with such a ruthless news. Bendre spent the whole night crying with her husband by her side consoling and supporting. They went to New York for her treatment, from where she inspired her admirers through her social media posts and coming back in terms with the fact that nothing can beat positivity and strength.

Passion And Love That Never Fades

Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl

Being brought up in a family comprising of strong women, Behl was brought up to be an extremely chivalrous person and that’s what attracted the actress to him. His calmness and patience drew her to him. Whenever people took her photos in front of him, it made him proud of how spectacular his wife is. Their love story seems straight from some Bollywood film where the hero and heroine love each other, and try their best to support one another in sickness and in health, through all the ups and downs. This year, the couple will enter 18 years of togetherness.

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