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Destination Wedding At Desaru Coast - Wedding Affair

The crown jewel of international wedding destinations, where love finds its perfect stage amidst pristine beaches, and an unrivalled blend of luxury in Malaysia.

Gorgeous Coastline Of Desaru
Gorgeous Coastline Of Desaru

A hidden jewel is waiting for the touch of love’s magic while it is tucked away amid the golden sands of Malaysia. Azure waves envelop the horizon at Desaru Coast, a magnificent worldwide wedding location. Desaru Coast is a serene refuge of natural beauty and sophisticated elegance. It is situated along the Southeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the state of Johor. It spans an area of approximately 17 kilometres (10.5 miles) of the perfect coastline. With a rising trend of destination weddings, Desaru Coast has been on the list of many and gained popularity in recent years. This coastal paradise invites couples, friends and family to be spellbound with its picturesque beaches, beautiful tropical scenery, and world-class hospitality. The sandy shores offer opportunities for sunbathing in style during Mehendi galore, swimming deep into the waves during the Haldi ceremony, and indulging in spine-tingling beach activities after the wedding. At Desaru Coast, the party continues throughout the wedding, enthralling the newlyweds and their guests with a mouth-watering gastronomic adventure. The area is home to a staggering number of restaurants and chefs of international renown, all of whom are prepared to provide diners with a dining experience that goes above and beyond their wildest dreams. Pristine beaches, world-class amenities, and commitment to sustainable tourism make Desaru a desirable getaway on the coast of Malaysia.

The Westin Desaru Coast Resort

The Westin Desaru Coast
Serene Horizon Meets The Gushing Sea
Dazzling Sights Of The Westin Desaru Coast
Dazzling Sights Of The Westin, Desaru Coast Resort

A wedding at The Westin is certain to be an occasion that no one will forget, thanks to its luxury amenities and superb accommodations. At The Westin Desaru Coast Resort, you’ll find a world of exquisite elegance and recuperation waiting for you. This opulent getaway, which comprises many homes, offers a wide variety of activities. The main building has a magnificent lobby and more than 275 rooms and suites that are exquisitely furnished and decorated for big-fat Indian weddings. The Westin Desaru Coast property provides an additional touch of richness and exclusivity with private wings and premium services. Enjoy the world-class facilities that the resort has to offer, such as the beautiful beach and pool area, relaxing spa, and state-of-the-art fitness centre. Experience the vivid discovery of flavours and gourmet pleasures at the Westin Resort with a culinary tour. Your appetite will be whetted, and your senses stimulated to quench the soul.

The Anantara Desaru Coast Resort and Villas

Villa Exterior Of The Anantara Desaru Coast
Lavish Villa Exterior Of The Anantara, Desaru Coast Resort And Villas
Dining At Anantara
Fairy-Tale Desaru Coast Dining At Anantara

The Anantara, Desaru Coast Resort and Villas is a splendid property, sure to captivate you with its charm. This entrancing resort offers a variety of possibilities for a wedding experience that is unique to the couple. If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind experience to make your big day bigger, consider The Anantara’s stunning villas that offer a private pool, beautiful grounds, and individualised services. Going gaga over the chic designs and architectural elegance of the setting is a must. The exquisite services of the resort are not limited to the lodgings but also spreads a range of dining choices, a soothing spa, and experiential activities like culinary lessons and cultural excursions. At The Anantara, you’ll be transported to a world where passion and elegance coexist with a smouldering variety of culinary experiences. Get ready to indulge in the alluring symphony of flavours, textures, and scents that will whisk you away to a realm of gastronomic paradise.

One&Only Desaru Coast Resort

Aerial View Of Luxurious One&Only Resort
Aerial View Of Luxurious One&Only Resort
One&Only Resort Exterior
Classy One&Only Resort Exterior
Bird Watching
Kids Bird Watching Tour At One&Only Resort, Desaru

Romance blossoms in every corner of the One&Only, Desaru Coast Resort, where love stories are celebrated and cherished in the form of extravagant ceremonies. Discover a world of unparalleled luxury and seclusion like no other at the One&Only, Desaru Coast Resort. Comfort your family and friends in 40 luxuriously appointed rooms, setting a new standard for design and craftsmanship. The resort also offers ultra-private villas for the bride and groom to weave special moments memorable for life. The One&Only provides its guests with an outstanding array of facilities, some of which include an excellent dining scene, a beautiful beach, world-class spa services, and personalised experiences such as private boat excursions and animal spotting. Expect nothing less than the best when it comes to relishing flavourful feasts at One&Only. Savour dishes resembling pure works of art, transporting diners to a fantastical realm where taste buds come alive with each mouthful.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Euphoric Setting Of Hard Rock Hotel, Desaru Coast View
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast Exterior
Multi-Hued Front-View Of Hard Rock Hotel, Desaru Coast Exterior

Plan ‘Wedding-À-la-musique’ and get ready to rock and roll in style at the Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast. This lively venue embraces the essence of music and entertainment colourfully and enthusiastically. The hotel has approximately 350 modern rooms that are decorated with music-inspired designs to entertain your guests with melodic vibes. Experience the pulsating energy that penetrates every nook and cranny of the resort while taking in the mesmerising views of the pool area or the verdant environs of your wedding. A broad variety of amenities and activities are also available at the Hard Rock Hotel, including an assortment of culinary options, a bustling pool with water slides and a kids’ club, a fitness centre, and a ‘Rock Spa’ for the utmost relaxation. As soon as you enter this haven of music and entertainment, you’ll be greeted with a meal as bold and energising as the sounds that surround you. The Hard Rock Hotel, with its fascinating vibe and energising ambience, is the perfect setting for a wedding celebration that will live long in hearts.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Spa

Aerial View Of Lotus Desaru Beach Resort And Spa
Spectacular Aerial View Of Lotus Desaru Beach Resort And Spa

Secluded in the serenity of the beautiful coast of Desaru, enjoy your intimate nuptials and celebrations at the most beautiful destination, The Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Spa. Here, you can get away from the hustle-bustle and sink into the natural surroundings on the most memorable day of your life. This seaside facility at The Lotus Desaru has approximately 500 rooms that have been thoughtfully designed to ensure a relaxing getaway from the chaos of the outside world. The rooms provide a quiet shelter with a concentration on comfort and relaxation as its primary focus. This resort is an ideal setting for a destination wedding that takes advantage of the natural splendour around and is suitable for those in search of leisure and excitement. The property features a spa and wellness centre where guests can relax and rejuvenate after dancing their hearts out at reception. The Lotus Desaru is a paradise for those looking for a pleasant gastronomic experience and the local flavours of Malaysia. Guests are sure to embark on an imaginative journey full of delectable and unique cuisine options that this place has to offer.