Don’t Kill Your First Date Making These Mistakes


It is said and believed that the first impression is the last impression. Although some of us get lucky to avail a second chance but, no matter what, the first interaction always stays in our memory. This notion often tends to make us conscious about ourselves. When it comes to meeting someone on a date for the first time, then chances are high that we might do something silly and repent our whole life. To avoid any blunders on your special day you need to keep some points in mind.

Don’t be late

The caution is for both men and women. Nobody likes to wait, especially when when it comes to the first date. It’s better to leave early to make a strong first impression for your first meeting. But, if you are running late due to some unfortunate reason, then it is better that you inform your date about it. It will be best to reschedule it as you don’t want to meet them in a hurry or in messed situation.

Talking nonstop or being silent

People do get nervous on their first dates and end up talking a lot or nothing at all. Since both of you are trying to know each other, you need to balance things. Try listening to your date and wait for your turn. Make sure that you are talking just as much as you are listening. Think of questions and topics ahead of time, as asking questions conveys engagement. Sitting quietly and not interacting will make them think that you are not interested in them.

Discussing about your Ex

Talking about your ex on your first date is the biggest mistake you can make. Nobody likes to be compared to anyone, especially with an ‘Ex’. Yes you should definitely discuss it in future but it is a complete no no on the initial dates. Keep that past to yourself, unless you want to be kicked off on the first date itself.

Bad Manners

Being a gentleman is the key to her heart. Every girl wishes her partner to be like the man of her dreams. While you may not agree on everything, you can definitely work on your manners and try to be polite with her. Talk respectfully with her as well as with the restaurant staff, trust us it way sway her heart.

Choosing a wrong date spot

When you meet someone for the first time, it is important for both of you to interact and avoid any sort of miscommunication. Be careful while deciding the venue for your date. Avoid noisy places as there is nothing worse than playing the “what?” game. A decent venue with a cozy and quiet ambience is always better for a first date.