Add Some Fun To Your Sangeet Night


Indian weddings are an elaborate set of affairs. Continuing for around a week, these celebrations call for exciting activities to be enjoyed on each day.  Amongst all the different ceremonies that we have, the Sangeet Ki Raat is everyone’s favourite. The fun and frolic event with dance performances and drinks make great memories.  Hosting an entertaining Sangeet night is a task in itself. To help all the brides and grooms who are planning to add some extra tadka to the simple gaana bajana, here are some exciting ideas to host a memorable Sangeet ceremony.

Tug of War

To spark the famous cold war between the brothers and sisters of the couple, tug of war can be an interesting option. Throw a rope in the middle and ask the guests to pull it from either sides.  This will bring some real fun and energy to an otherwise monotonous function.

Guess the person

Prepare some poetic puzzles about your family members. Now ask the opposite team to guess the family member from those clues. Make sure that the bride’s family is asked to guess the groom’s family members and vice-versa. The whole task of making these riddles and then asking the opposite team to solve the same will bring a lot of smiles and laughter in the event.

Test the couples

This game is the best way to test the compatibility of other couples around you. Make the couples come on the stage and stand back to back. Ask them a few questions and tell them to write their answers on a sheet of paper without discussing. T Questions like anniversary date, spouse’s birth date, their favourite colour, favourite dish can be asked.

You can also twist the game by asking all the wives in the party to handover their belongings like ring, shoe or a clutch. Put them on a table  and ask the husbands to pick the item that belongs to their wife. This will spice up the ambiance of the event.

Dance Breakers

To have a little more fun by breaking away the awkwardness, is the idea behind this game. What you need to do is put the names of male family members in blue chits and females in pink chits. Now ask the DJ wale babu to pick up and read out the a name from both blue and pink chits. Whosoevers name comes out will have to shake a leg with each other.


Last but not the least, honour your friends and family with some unique and funny awards. They can sound like “Haste Hasate Raho” for a jolly person and “jab bhi koi ladki dekhu mera dil dewana” for a flamboyant cousin of yours. This sure is going to bring some best laughter moments.

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