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Jewellery shopping is one of the most important aspects of wedding shopping, especially for the new bride. Apart from gold and diamond jewellery, people also tend to invest in precious gemstones that carry varied meanings for different people. India is especially popular for associating different gemstones with different celestial bodies and affecting our lifestyles due to their connection with the position of the stars. What astrology says about different gemstones? What are the effects of coloured gemstones on your love life? Wedding Affair mentions the best gemstone jewellery that the bride and groom can invest in.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz gemstone is known as the love inducer. This ubiquitous stone imbues the user with a sense of “unconditional love” and encourages them to be more gentle, caring, and forgiving with themselves and others. In other words, keep it handy to keep wedding jitters at bay, according to ‘Crystals and Stones: A Complete Guide to Their Healing Properties’, from the Group of 5 Crystals Series.


“A drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth” is how the ruby is described in the Orient. The Indians call the ruby Ratnanayaka, the lord of the gemstones. The Hindus called the ruby the king of precious stones and the leader of gems.  Ruby is dynamic, and brings about passion and enthusiasm, attracting sexual activity, according to ‘Jewels For Me’.


The beautiful purple stone is known as a heart stone. It is one of the perfect stones for couples. The Amethyst gemstone develops a deep understanding between them. If any couple has parted ways because of some difference but still can come together if any of them wear Amethyst gemstone beads in a ring. Otherwise, a groom can gift an amethyst earring/necklace/ring to the bride for a happy life further.


According to Crystal Vaults — representing youth in the age of man, the power of this lush crystal stirs the soul like the heart of spring, symbolizing hope and the future, renewal and growth. It is a seeker of love and a revealer of truth, inspiring an ongoing search for meaning, justice, compassion and harmony.

Yellow Sapphiregemstones jewellery

The biggest benefits of wearing yellow sapphire are that it helps in building your love relationships with your partner. You might read it before that yellow sapphires are useful for marriage. It is helpful for improving the relationship and gives positive energies between them. Yellow sapphires are also recommended to those people who face delays in getting married. And those who get married after wearing this powerful stone can experience marital joy.


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