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Trend Alert: Monochrome

Wedding Affair suggests having some fun with your summer wear, loungewear wardrobe and monochrome outfits this season.

Healthy and tasty recipes you can try this weekend

Wedding Affair shortlists some tasty recipes for you, that you can give a try during your homestay. These are quick and nutritious!

Stunning gifts for the new couple

These are just general ideas that might inspire you for something epic. Have a look at Wedding Affair’s list of stunning gifts!

Summer fashion in full bloom

Devour this beautiful season in its full glory with your colourful summer fashion. The season is definitely the one to try printed attire in.

Brides! Use these to keep your eyeshadow game on point!

Wedding Affair presents a list of the best eyeshadow palettes available for you. Try these and see the results for yourself!

Celebrate your wedding with these party vibes

If you are looking forward to throwing a sumptuously rich and invigorating cocktail party, then here we have the best wedding party themes!

No 90s wardrobe is complete without these elements

If you are a big rooter for everything oversized, plaid and high waisted, we diagnose you with 90s wardrobe addiction.

Components of a successful relationship

To create a healthy and happy relationship, Wedding Affair shares the 5 ingredients of a successful relationship. 

Adding calm to your abode

Wedding Affair compiles the styled of minimalist decor for your abode that can help you in your day to day life.

Jazz up your bridal outfit with these

Adding accessories helps to complete the look. It also elevates the entire bridal appeal. From belts to anklets, which accessories are best?

Get ready for the weddings with these footwear styles

When shoes are so important for a woman, specifically brides, why not flaunt your footwear style on your wedding day!  

Changing skincare with Seasons

Keep reading to discover how to transition your skincare routine as the seasons change. Wedding Affair offers some seasonal skincare advice.