The Rising Star Tejasswi Prakash


You have been very private about your personal space. We would love to get a glimpse of Tejasswi’s childhood. 

I grew up in a tight-knit family, my childhood was filled with simple joys. Growing up, I was a curious and imaginative child. My brother and I were troublesome. We always indulged in some mischievous pranks. Making prank calls was our favourite. We always supported each other through thick and thin. I come from a humble background. We lived in a row house, without much security, so my mom used to lock the door from outside when she left for work, making it seem like no one was at home. My family is my pillar of strength, sticking by me through ups and downs. 

An engineer by profession, what prompted you to pursue a career in acting? 

Acting happened to me as a chance encounter. Even though I studied engineering, I couldn’t resist the charm of acting. The art of storytelling always fascinated me, and the sheer joy of connecting with people and evoking emotions through acting became irresistible at a point that’s how my journey in the industry began. For me, acting is like unlocking a magical world where emotions come alive. The ability to captivate an audience, share emotions, and create memorable moments became my driving force, steering me towards a fulfilling career in acting.

A character that interested your attention for dream portrayal. 

It’s tough for me to pick just one character because each role I’ve taken on has something special. Every character presents a unique challenge and learning opportunity. I love playing roles that push me beyond my comfort zone, allowing me to grow both as an actor and on a personal level. Each character has its complexities and nuances that caught my attention. It’s the diversity in roles that excites me, as it gives me the chance to explore different facets of storytelling. So, every character becomes a dream portrayal in its way, contributing to my continuous journey of growth and exploration.

You have been a part of TV serials, reality shows and music videos. How do you decide where the heart lies? 

Be it a TV serial, reality show or music video, every medium offers unique challenges and excitement. They all are very different from each other, and I find joy in each one of them. Whether it’s the scripted drama of a TV serial, the spontaneity of a reality show, or the artistic expression in a music video, I go where the story resonates with me the most. It’s about following my heart and choosing projects that excite me. Each medium allows me to explore different aspects of my craft, and I appreciate the diversity it brings to my journey as an artist. So, deciding where my heart lies is more about the connection I feel with the story and the character, regardless of the medium. 

Any particular significant learning throughout your journey?

A crucial lesson which is my mantra for life is embracing change and adapting to new environments. I believe every setback is a new setup for a comeback. With patience and perseverance, one can achieve everything in life. These two elements have been my companions, helping me to navigate through the highs and lows of this star-studded industry.

What is shelved for Tejasswi Prakash? Tell us about your forthcoming projects. 

Exciting projects are in the pipeline for me, promising diverse roles that challenge my versatility. While I can’t disclose the specifics as they are under wraps, I’m eager to share compelling stories that resonate with the audience, showcasing different facets of my craft. 

A true romantic at heart you seem. What is your stance on love? Are any wedding bells ringing? 

Love for me is a beautiful journey of understanding, trust, and growth. As for wedding bells, time will unfold those beautiful chapters. I believe in letting love blossom organically, and when the right moment comes, I’ll embrace it with open arms and a heart filled with love. 

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