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Dreams give you the wings to soar high and the power to strive more. One such dreamer is Adah Sharma whose exceptional performance, immovable belief and unending hard work transformed her dreams into reality. With 8.5 million followers on her social media, Adah Sharma has captivated the hearts of many with her soulful performances. Initiating her career in 2008 with the film ‘1920’, Sharma has slowly and steadily paved her way in the film industry. She has done many films, short films, web series and music videos including ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’, ‘Commando 2’, ‘Meet Cute’ and ‘Piya Re Piya’. The sky became limitless for Sharma when she aced her performance in her recent film ‘The Kerala Story’ directed by Sudipto Sen. The film is considered the highest grossing female lead film. The self-made maven has won the hearts of the audience and continues to do so with her incredible performances.

Describe Adah Sharma As A Person.

Half monkey, half wolf, I’m very loyal, eccentric and I’m rarely confused. I don’t ask too many questions and I’m currently 103 years old. (Indicating her movie, ‘1920’ to 2023)

Most of the actors started their careers with pink roles but you stepped into the world of acting with a horror movie. How challenging was it for you?   

I actually really enjoyed doing 1920. Yes, it was a tough role but as an actor that’s what I like. I like pushing my boundaries and doing the unimagined. I go with my instincts and I felt this is the role of a lifetime and I did it. I’m glad I did it. In my first film, I got a chance to showcase my acting skills which some actors don’t even get to do in a whole lifetime.

Adah Sharma In Wedding Gown

Belonging to an orthodox family, did you have trouble breaking the news of your pursuing acting as a career? 

My family actually isn’t very orthodox. I don’t really know what orthodox is. It’s different for different people maybe. My family would like me to follow a path that would give me happiness. We didn’t have any film connections, not even remotely so it was interesting.

You have dominated both the silver screen and OTT platforms. How is your experience with both?

They are both the same. You take 40 days for a film and the same for an OTT project. The director really matters a lot though. Otherwise different languages or mediums of release, such things don’t really get in the way of an actor. A good director can do wonders.

You mentioned that you had faced acne issues since childhood, due to which many directors refused to cast you. How did you cope with that? Any advice for our young female readers of Wedding Affair?

Acne is the worst. I had cystic acne. Even after I got cast I did have a tough time. I used to keep my hair covering my cheeks to hide acne. I didn’t cope very well. I wish I had coped better and not let it affect me as much as it did. It’s very difficult to tell someone who has acne, to not to worry. Because when you worry more then you get more acne. But I would like to say distract your mind, do other things, don’t keep staring at the acne. I can get all philosophical but I remember when I had acne and people gave me random ‘gyan’, it would annoy me.

Adah Sharma In Saree

For the portrayal of Fatima Ba/Shalini Unnikrishnan in ‘Kerala Story’ you dehydrated yourself for 40 hours. What are the toils you went through for the role? 

I like to give it all for my role. To look convincing I will go to great lengths and that is only because it is my job to do so. If it is any other way, then I’m cheating my job. When I get an opportunity to tell a story I want it to look so real that when the audience is watching they don’t want to look at their phones in the middle. 

A true romantic at heart or one with realistic expectations? What is your stance on love? Have you found the one? 

I’m always a romantic. With every decision, I take on life. I see romance in every corner of life. If you are talking about one person who I have found. Then yes, maybe I have found him. But the real question is “Has he found me?” *bursts out laughing*

Adah Sharma In Lehenga

Any particular significant learning through this career journey? 

To be yourself even when everyone around is convincing you to be everything other than yourself. Also for me, I’ve never been focused on the result or what is going to be the outcome of this. I enjoy what I’m doing and will do it till I continue to enjoy it.

What is on the horizon for Adah Sharma?  

I’m debuting in an International project. I have to clean my cupboard, and after wearing this beautiful heavy lehenga I need to do some oblique stretches. I have 4 projects that we shot before the ‘Kerala Story’; those are also ready for release.

Adah Sharma In Lehenga

Quick Bites

A secret the world doesn’t know: I can fly when no one is looking. 

Currently reading: Vichhoda by Harinder Singh Sikka 

If not an actor, what would Adah be: An elephant caretaker, a landscape architect, an animator and if it had to do with films maybe a voice-over artist or a writer.

Kathak or Salsa: Both but I’ve graduated in Kathak so I’m more inclined to Kathak.

Love is: Tolerance 

Your inspiration: Nature 

Favourite food: Rice and Avial 

A message for WA readers: I hope you liked these fun, unique looks we created. I haven’t been a bride in real life but this shoot was fun. Thank you for supporting all my choices as an actor. I hope I can continue to do lots of movies and entertain you all.