Confessions of Belles


From her daily regime to her keepsake beauty products, here is the beautiful looking Adah Sharma, who has been setting serious #fitnessgoals with her exercise stints, talking about her beauty schedule from morning to night. So, let us learn about her daily beauty mantra and thoughts on beauty. Time to get inspired!

Adah confabs “My morning skincare ritual starts with 10 headstands, 10 handstands and 10 backbends which help the blood flow to my face, making it healthy. I always begin my day with positive thoughts.

Basic skincare regimen is to remove my makeup before going to bed and consume 5 liters of water. I also apply moisturizer under my eyes and Vaseline on my lips. Vaseline, a medicated moisturizer is also always there in my vanity along with foot cream, tweezer and a cream for that sudden pimple.

Must Have’s in my travel kit: I can’t fly without a perfume. I always have some fragrance which I keep changing every month.

Products I swear by: Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara, Mac Makeup remover, and also Mac Chocolate flavored lip balm are the products that never let me down. Emolene- a medicated moisturizer for dry skin.

Natural Indulgences: My home-made makeup is a mix of Papaya, Oatmeal and Wheatgrass. My beauty indulgence is an extra hour of sleep. The makeup look that I would like to try is the neon eyeliner. Being happy in your skin is my idea of being beautiful.