Trendy Holi Party Ideas For New Couples


Plan this festival of colours with your better half for hosting a Holi party this year with these ideas to make this party worth remembering.

Décor of Holi party

Holi is all about colour and so should be the décor. Get colourful fabric, streamers, and balloons for easy holi decoration. You can add a vibrant thematic decoration with particular color of flowers like marigolds, lavenders and other shades to add a festive holi touch. Scatter colourful chalk powder or organic gulal around the party area while making sure its pet and child friendly.

Trendy Holi Party Ideas For New Couples

The Holi playlist

Holi is incomplete without some energetic music. Create a playlist that reflects the spirit of the festival. Include popular Holi tracks, Bollywood dance numbers, and upbeat mixes. Allow your guests to add their favourite songs to create a truly festive holi party experience.

Décor of Holi party

Setting for Holi Fun Party

Date of Holi party 

Look for local events happening on the day of Holi and plan in advance with your partner and guests for a relaxed celebration. Get the party started by afternoon so that there is enough time for your guests to enjoy the holi festivities before evening. It will give you as newly married couple some time with each other for the personal holi celebration.

Setting for Holi Fun Party

Holi party guest list 

Decide how big or small you want your holi party to be. Consider your space limitations and ensure you have enough supplies for everyone. Invite your in laws and other family members with friends to create a lively and loving atmosphere.

Couple Holi invite

Set the tone with a quirky Holi-themed party invite. You can create your own invite as cute couple online with creative templates. Remember to add important details in the invite like the date, time and the dress code for celebration. 

Plan a BYOB

Plan a BYOB 

You can give an option of Bring Your Own Booze, so that you can have a variety in the booze along with the guest’s preference. You can also go ahead with a small cocktail station using the mix of various drinks.

Lets Play Holi!

Organic gulal

Opt for vibrant, safe, and certified organic colour for playing holi. Avoid colours with harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin and are hard to take off from skin.

Holi play area 

Designate a specific area for playing holi with colours. This could be an open space in your backyard or a tarpaulin-covered area on your terrace. Keep a bucket of water and disposable napkins nearby for easy cleaning.

Opt for vibrant, safe, and certified organic colour for playing holi.

Holi play stations

Set up different stations for guests to enjoy the colours in unique ways. You can have a water balloon fight area, a colour gulal throwing zone, or even a creative corner where people can design colourful patterns on each other.

Holi Feast 

Traditional Holi delicacies

Holi is not just playing with colours, its also about the delicious food. Prepare traditional favourites like gujiya , dahi vada, mixed namkeens, thandai and roasted nuts& dry fruits.

Holi party snacks

Set up a snack counter with bite-sized treats like peanuts, chips, samosas, pakoras, and chaat. Don’t forget to include desserts and chocolates for that sweet bite while playing with colours this holi. If you have guests with dietary restrictions, offer vegan or gluten-free options like some fresh fruits, fruit juice, air fried snacks etc for healthy and refreshing choices for the first holi party as a couple.

Fun Holi party ideas

Holi Rain Dance 

Set up a sprinkler or use a hose to create a fun rain dance area. This is a great way to cool off and add another dimension to the colour play this holi.

Photo Booth 

Create a vibrant photo booth with holi themed colourful props like sunglasses, hats, and boas. Encourage guests to capture their colourful memories.

Holi Games

Organize some fun Holi-themed games. A blindfolded pot-breaking game filled with water balloons is a classic favourite. You can also have a dance competition or a musical chairs game with a Holi twist.

Hydrated holi 

Stock up on plenty of bottled water, buttermilk, and fresh juices. Dehydration is a common concern during Holi, so ensure your guests stay cool and hydrated throughout the party.

Outdoor Holi

Set up multiple water stations with hoses or buckets for guests to wash off the holi colours from them. When you are using your outdoor space for holi celebration, lay down a tarpaulin to catch most of the holi colours. This will make the after party cleaning easier.

Safe Holi

Safety First

Remind guests to be gentle while throwing colours during holi celebrations. Avoid aiming for the eyes or face or any prone area.

Colour Free Zone

Make sure there are designated colour-free zone in your venue as not everyone enjoys getting drenched in colours.