Holi Decoration Ideas for New Couples Home

holi decorations at your home

Holi Decoration Ideas

Holi, the festival of colours is all about getting messy with gulal! But before the festivities begins, start the holi decorations. Set your home  for your first Holi celebration as newly-wed couple. Here are some easy and creative décor ideas to transform your home into festival mode for Holi celebrations.

Skincare Guide for Bride this Holi

Décor of Colours

Add a flair of holi colours by doing holi theme décor with old saris, dupattas, or satin fabrics for the doorways and windows by hanging colourful curtains. Drape a chain of colourful dupattas across your ceiling for a unique and creative touch.

Use the aesthetic mirrored umbrellas or the kites for the adding the trendy touch to your home this holi. Hang them in such a way that it reflect light.

Use paper tassels, pin wheels, and flowers for traditional and vibrant add of colours to the holi decorations at your home. Get crafty and create beautiful flowers from colourful paper. String the flowers together and hang them on doors, balconies, or windows.

No Holi celebration is complete without a beautiful Rangoli at the doorstep. Welcome your guests with a vibrant display of rangoli and balloons at the entrance. Create balloon trees or arches for a truly celebratory holi look. Use bright colours and traditional or contemporary designs to create a welcoming entrance for this holi at your home.

Décor of Colours

Theme Holi

Skip neutral tones and choose vibrant colours for your cushions and colourful bed sheets for the touch of Holi theme in your decor. Hang colourful towels with holi theme designs, go for synthetic, washable fabrics for easily cleaning of holi colours. Replace your usual rugs with vibrant, colourful ones to add a festive touch.

It’s Holi, complete your festive look with ‘Happy Holi’ pillows, banners, and photo booth props to add a touch of festive fun. Use the shades of holi colours in garlands, candles to the trays and plates, literally anything. Layer these elements to create a visually stunning and festive ambiance.

 holi decorations at your home

Turn your walls into holi mood by using watercolours to draw traditional shapes and patterns to create a vibrant and spiritual holi atmosphere. Give your walls a royal treatment with artistic and colourful hangings. Choose colours that complement your existing décor for holi.

To fill empty corners decorate the pots to with brightly coloured flower pots for a personalized touch. Use fresh roses or other fragrant flowers to give the holi ambiance and fill your home with a lovely holi fragrance.

Holi Bar

Convert a corner into a festive holi- bar cart. Decorate the holi themed cocktail bar with colourful glasses and festive decorations for a functional and stylish addition.

holi themed cocktail bar

Holi Evening

Light up some decorative candles for a warm and inviting atmosphere during holi evening gatherings. Enjoy a candlelit dinner with family and friends. Colourful lanterns and lights of red, yellow, blue, and green colours can set the mood for evening holi celebrations.

Holi is the perfect time to embrace colour and transform your home into a vibrant and festive space. With a little creativity and these easy ideas, you can create a memorable and joyful celebration for yourself and your guests. So, get ready to play with colours, embrace the spirit of Holi, and create lasting memories.