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Bridal Makeup guide for the most Gorgeous bride to look the best on her Wedding Day by WEDDING AFFAIR.

Mascara tips for the most legit lashes ever!

Today, we’re sharing the best tips on how to avoid clumps, how to make your mascara last longer, and how to prevent smudging.

Foundation hacks that will change your makeup game

The aim is to achieve incredible, healthy-looking skin not great foundation, and that’s what we’re going to help you do with these tips.

Moisturising Makeup Guide for Winter

Wedding Affair has listed some of the best makeup products that also nourish your skin to avoid dryness. Have a look.

Instagram retro beauty trends that sum up 2020

Come 2021, you are sure to see a gush of a number of beauty trends predicted here that have been rocking the social media in 2020!

Makeup trends to try out for your New Year bash

Even though you're super minimal for the other 364 days of the year, New Year's all about taking a risk. Here's some makeup trends to try.

A very simple Guide to Contouring

Wedding Affair has created a list of contouring techniques for different face types which will help you master your skills.

Easy beauty hacks that will transform your makeup

Makeup hacks that help achieve a certain finish. Wedding Affair brings to you five key hacks to take your makeup game notches higher.

A 101 guide to foil your eyeshadow

You’ve now learnt to ace your basic eyeshadow looks but it’s missing a special factor. Wedding Affair brings a guide to eyeshadow foiling.

Killer Eyeliners for the Bride

Wedding Affair has another list for you. Ttake a look at these gorgeous eyeliners that will lend a killer definition to your eyes.

Dewy Makeup for the Wedding season

You can make yourself have that natural dewy glow within the comforts of your own home. Take a look at Wedding Affair’s guide.

Eyeshadows for the perfect bridal eyes!

Wedding Affair presents a list of best eyeshadow palettes available for you. Try these and see the results for yourself!

Trend Alert: Bridal Makeup tips very bride must know

Makeup can either make or mar a look, there is no in between. It’s your D-day so you don’t want anything to go wrong with your makeup.