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Bridal Makeup guide for the most Gorgeous bride to look the best on her Wedding Day by WEDDING AFFAIR.

Trending Bengali Bride Looks

There's something very eccentric about a Bengali Bride. The bold makeup,  gold jewellery, a traditional bengali mukut and hands and feet adorned with aalta...

How to find the best makeup artist for your wedding?

All that a bride wants is to look beautiful. With months of toiling around to find the best wedding dress, the most gorgeous jewellery,...

Pep talk sessions for our lovely brides 

we have a list of pep talks that you brides need to give to yourself. Just keep all things listed below in your mind and everything’s going to fall right into place. 

Natural makeup to glow all day without much fuss

Dewy, buttery skin, that goddess glow, naturally flushed cheeks, full feathered brows… Eugh, we LOVE to work a natural beat makeup!

These are the blush mistakes you shouldn’t make

Get ready to get your glow on and have a look at some common mistakes that you need to avoid when using blush.

Tips for flawless no-makeup natural makeup look

If you had told years ago that we’d opt for no-makeup makeup over a freshly caked face, we wouldn’t have believed you.

Need-to-know makeup hacks for 2021 glam

If you frequent TikTok, you’ll be familiar with the 2016 vs 2021 makeup challenge. Here's all the hacks you need to for a snatched 2021 glam.

Shine bright like a star: Foundations for full coverage

These foundations are also long-wearing, weightless, and full of good-for-your-skin ingredients. Here are some full-coverage foundations.

Lip tips and hacks every woman must know

Here are our all-time favorite beauty hacks for the sexiest lip pout. These hacks will help prime, set, and plump your lip. 

Best concealers every bride should own this season

If we were to compile a list of beauty items we literally can’t live without, concealer would be top two — and it’s not...

Highlighter to give you that dazed glow

Highlighters are effortless to use. all you need is one swipe of these or a dab of the finger and you’ll instantly look sugar-glazed.

Nose Contouring Tricks For Every Type Of Nose

The best thing about makeup is that it’s versatile and can completely alter the dimensions of your face. Here’s a roundup of nose contouring tricks.