Dictionary of your fantasised sextionary


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With the romantic unification of the souls, sex becomes an expression of love and intimacy that the couples share. A passionate lovemaking session can break free the shackles of the worldly frets and transcend you to a world, nothing less than utter bliss. The wave of ecstasy rises up from your belly and spreads throughout your body, encapsulating all your senses to feel the magic in the arms of your beloved. The gentle gliding of the tongue down your neck and the soft weaving of his fingers into your hair leaves you wanting for more. The first touch, the first kiss, the first lick, the first suck, the first nibble, the first groan of eroticism, as you cling on to his muscular arms for support will make you experience the euphoria of numerous undefined emotions within you. However, love and passion can become stale like an old bottle of open wine lying in one corner of your room. Add spontaneity and zeal by not merely restricting yourself to the age-old position of eroticism. A little bit of an attempt fused with wild imagination can invoke the raunchy side of your persona to rekindle the fireworks of passion. While Kamasutra has served as the ultimate sex guide for decades, it’s the missionary position that we remain faithful to. Break the clichéd; it is the era to get inspired from the modern-day Thesaurus (Dictionary). A phrase which has different meaning otherwise, has different connotations in the realm of your bedroom. Let us introduce you to some modern-day terms and terminologies that will instantly trigger your libido for a roller coaster ride of irresistible passion and untamed amorousness as you get ready to melt inside each other. It is time to shed all your apprehensions and inhibitions. Embrace the secret mantra of a happy marriage with a steaming sex life that adds a whole new dimension to your sensuality. Love is perhaps one thing we humans crave the most for, and sometimes, unable to find that among the humans, we are fascinated with the vampire love story, immortalised in the movie Twilight.

How about a vampire kiss in your bedroom? It is a kiss in your arse which is referred to, in the modern dictionary, as vampire ass. You know her booty is irresistibly sexy when you see the beauteous sight of her, lying naked on the bed and you want to take a bite of that pie. This is when you sink your teeth into her. Few words of caressing and spanking on the bump, with few love bites is definitely not an act of assault but an act of compliment saying you can’t get enough! Torturous and teasing, it becomes a gratifying act. Let the fine line between pleasure and pain blur, as it is two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other.

Although, French kiss can never go out of vogue, let there be some added excitement in your sex life with an Aussie kiss. Don’t get it wrong. It has nothing to do with the place of origin of the kiss. It is just like French kiss but down south. Sex can become a mechanical process, but it is not a bad deal to appreciate every part of her body and make her feel very special to you. The swirling of her clitoris with your tongue acts as a magic wand evoking a whirlpool of emotions mixed with an exhilarated sexual release. Just by tickling the small hidden wonder and squeezing her tender nipples you make her hormones fly high and the inner goddess does the dance of the seven veils. Look into his eyes and take note of the victorious gleam of having his ego fed; nothing can be more satisfying for a guy than to make you wet, and make you crave to have him inside you. Make the ordinary moments into something extraordinary as sex has nothing to do with time, but more of taking a break from the bedroom tedium.

A postboned sex, popularly known as quickies, can help change the entire dynamic of the relationship that you share with your partner by re-energising your sex life. The rear entry sex position is often considered to be ideal because it is not only animalistic in nature but also the guy is in an authoritative position taking control of you. Even though rushed romps are usually fiercely intense in nature, it is sometimes more gratifying than the usual course of action. When you want your actions to speak louder than your words, postbonded sex is the perfect way to go to. You can tell someone you love them on a daily basis, but conveying that you want someone to be yours full body, mind and soul, finds expression in the form of postbonded sex – “I need you to be mine now, right now.

Have you ever thought of trying ballcuzzi inside a Jacuzzi? While most people think that giving a blowjob to your guy is the only thing that is meant for him, it is not really the case. Allow the tender bubbles of the ballcuzzi delight his sacks. Submerge his teabags in a cup of warm water and blow profusely through a straw that has been inserted into the cup. Keep blowing repeatedly to get the Jacuzzi effect for a perfect ballcuzzi. For heightened pleasure, give a hand job until he ejaculates. This is perfect for starters who are not comfortable with blowjob at the very first attempt. Once you acquaint yourself with the process, you can replace warm water with your choice of drink to add some flavour. After all, flavours are not merely restricted to condoms (wink wink).

You too can make the inner goddess inside you sway in the victorious attempt to make him groan and feel satisfied. Every guy likes to see his girl have orgasm when they make love. However, to see her smashturbate is one of the rarest and most divine things a girl can make him experience. Sometimes, the act of watching your girl play around can be much more sensually pleasing than a sexual intercourse. Smashturbating is getting equipped with the ‘hulk hands’ and then masturbate. What is interesting is that the guy gets to know how she fantasies him in her bed and see how she feels, yelling and groaning the name of her beloved. It requires a lot of resistance on the part of the guy to not go near her and just see her perform. When the girl has an orgasm it is equally rewarding for both the partners. The girl is satisfied physically and the guy emotionally, to see the effect that his thoughts have invoked.

The dictionary meaning of supernova is the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star which may outshine an entire galaxy of hundred million stars. You too can experience supernova inside your bedroom and spice things up inside the raunchy territory of your bedroom. Supernova is giving oral sex to a man while eating pop rox. The pop rox, acts as a kryptonite, leaving your invulnerable warrior powerless, unable to take control of his exhilarated emotions. Writhing to this carnal rhythm, it gives him a feeling that is out of this world, where you throw him into the dark and bring him into the light with a rapturous feeling. You make him lose total control of himself, so that you can take charge of him physically, mentally and emotionally. Get a firm grip of the joystick with your mouth and suck harder and deeper, fondle his shaft and cup his balls. When down on your knees, look provocatively straight into his eyes and get him to explode.

When your mind is consumed with wild thoughts and the heart pounds to experience the numerous shades of carnal ecstasy, all you can think of is – sheet grabbing sex. The pulsating thirst that you feel down south, at the thought of his hands and tongue slithering through your curves, touching the erogenous zones of your body, can be quenched solely through a rock-hard roller coaster ride. Keep the senses aroused, push her over the orgasmic periphery and don’t go in straight for the goodie. To taste the real bliss of an explosive finish, setting the mood right with effective, but not repetitive foreplay becomes an imperative bedroom ritual. Clitoral stimulation and fellation will get the addictive and ambrosial juices flowing, but is it all that you want? Let there be an element of surprise every time you undress each other and unleash your senses in your microcosmic world of consummation.

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