DIY Hairstyles for Intimate functions


Elderly people and grandmas always say that hair is the most cherished accessory a girl has. Long hair has always been most desired as well as been taken well care of by most women. In these changing times, the length of hair does not matter as much as styling it according to the trend does. Be it trying a new hair texture, styling it or applying a homemade hair mask, nowadays women love to experiment with their hair and attempt to break the stereotypical assumption of preferring long and black hair. 

This wedding season, we have come up with a few ways in which you can get your hair ready hustle-free and in time to surprise your beloved!


Chick side-bun:


This easy-to-do bun is the most effective side bun that can be done within a five minutes duration. All you have to do is first curl your hair with an iron rod and tie them in a side ponytail. Then roll your pony to form a bun by consecutively applying bun pins. Take out some flicks from one side, so that they can flawlessly cover your ear and side face. And there you go! Your chick side-bun is ready to be styled with flared palazzo and well-fitted ethnic wear! 


Braided side-bun:


A braided side bun is just a little addition done to the chick side-bun. All you have to do is loosely tie up hair above your forehead to form a broad braid, that hangs on one side of your head. Then join the braid to the rest of your hair to form a side-bun. Although to make braided side-bun, it will take a bit longer, but trust me, it will be worth your while!


Mermaid waves: 


Who doesn’t love to have wavy hair adorned with attachable jewels? If you have perfectly styled your attire for an intimate function, have done your make-up fine, then you truly deserve to have this stunning hairstyle! Mermaid waves are going viral over the internet for their sophisticated look. All you have to do is spare an hour or so with your iron curling rod and let it do its magic. 

You can also make a puff or put a beautiful hair jewel to arrange your hair on one side. Moreover, the floral accessories that have Velcro attachments, will look graceful beyond your imagination!


Bind it loose hairstyle


This hairstyle is an amalgamation of a half tied up hair while simultaneously leaving them loose. This is a brilliant hairstyle as it can be done with either of your special ethnic wear. All you have to do is spare half an hour before your deadline to get ready and follow the steps shown below for this amazing look! 



This wedding season, you need not worry about your hairstyle, simply follow these steps and try on your favourite hairstyle!