Does your partner triggering you ? 3 simple ways to over come


When our spouse, or going to partner  does something frustrating, hurtful, or wrong, it triggers us and makes us angry. And it’s so immediate for us to react without thinking. And here’s the biggest problem, in reality there might not actually be anything  between what triggers us and our reaction and yet we still do it anyways. This thought could break one’s relationship easily. So it’s right in mind for us to calm down before hurting our partner or even from getting hurt ourselves.


When we’re triggered, it’s natural to immediately stop listening, to start talking, and to defend ourselves. Well it won’t help to argue to try and  stop hearing what our spouse is trying to tell us. Listen.

Don’t blow up 

This is the part that breaks most trust in any relationship.You don’t want to become the spouse you don’t want to be. You don’t want to be the spouse who says whatever they want, and acts like whatever they want when they’re angry. Choose calm. Choose to love

Speak slowly 

Okay, don’t miss this. If you get this part right, it could revolutionize your relationship. When you’re triggered, don’t talk. Don’t say anything negative with your words or your body language. Studies show that 80 percent of communication is non-verbal. So, pause, take a breath, and do not talk.