Eternal Vows Of Love And Affection In Infinite Water


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It’s not something straight out of fantasy but a reality that is catching up with partners seeking an underwater wedding. Can you imagine the experience of getting married in the embrace of the sea? It is “once-in-a-lifetime” experience where there is no dazzling venue décor or glittering designer wear required, just deep water to float in be in, hold hands, kiss and watch a multitude of marine creatures swim by witnessing this strange and auspicious event that makes you man and wife!

Come let’s dive intosome of the coolest underwater destinations where all you need is divewear, your wedding partner and a taste for life lived on the edge.


Destnation intern. wedding_Destnation India 1.qxd.qxdTrang is a town in Southern Thailand that has come be on the international travel map for tourists and now wedding couples. The best time to visit Trang is between December and May and reaching this place is quite easy. Trang Airport is just 7 km away from the Trang town centre. ‘Tuk Tuk’ is the key public transport – a popular small vehicle that runs on three wheels. Trang is well connected with buses and boats and enjoys highway connectivity too. The delicacies are a must-try with seafood comprising lobsters, crabs, stuffed fish with Thai spices and vegetarian items such as spicy beans, exotic vegetables and oriental specialities. For breakfast, there is Kopicoffee (black coffee) and Taetiam grilled pork! Popular fruits include guava and pineapple. The tourist spots include emerald caves such as Koh Muk and Tham Morakot that are hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Don’t miss the nice sandy beaches, Koh Ngai, Koh Muk, Ko Kradan where a wide variety of colourful fish inhabit the seas. Apart from the under-water thrill, what further creates enthusiasm are eco-friendly toys. Theptharo Wood or Mai Chung is scented wood which can be sculpted into different figures, especially Phayun which is a symbolic animal of Trang. Go horse-riding for health as there are professional horse riders to help you indulge in this hobby. In your free hours, learn the famous Mueang Trang cake making recipe from shop owners who would be delighted to share their recipes with you.


Destnation intern. wedding_Destnation India 1.qxd.qxdBegin your new life together in the romantic Phuket. It’s a diving destination that is blessed with the most beautiful corals and fish life. Certified scuba divers can enjoy the underwater wedding packages given by wedding planners where a variety of dive boats are available. Phuket has many luxury resorts, private luxury villas, and a good number of 5-star hotels where guests can put up before and after the underwater wedding. Go for a dive cruise to the Similan and Surin islands. You can charter boats and have your underwater marriage ceremony and the reception in the glorious beach hotels or the boats. Most boats have space for more than 100 people, so more the merrier! Phuket is blessed with spectacular beaches so there isplenty to see and soak in.


Destnation intern. wedding_Destnation India 1.qxd.qxd‘The Island of the Gods’, Bali is the ideal tropical island to tie the wedding knot. It has been a popular destination for decades. Obviously, you need to be adept in scuba diving to take the wedding plunge there. Swimming in tandem is as delightful as the clear blue lagoons of Bali. For novices in diving, underwater weddings shouldn’t be any problem. Arrangements are made for the couple to receive dive training in the pool the day before the wedding and on the D-day the ceremony is carried out in the controlled water. This type of wedding is coordinated by Bali International Diving Profession (BIDP). Weather conditions can alter the timings of an underwater wedding but all’s well that ends well.

Atlantis International Bali Diving Center has a mix of Western and Indonesian instructors.

Bora Bora

Destnation intern. wedding_Destnation India 1.qxd.qxdThe lagoon of many blues, Bora Bora or the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ is one of the most romantic islands on the planet where you can exchange wedding vows. The wedding rituals last for just about half an hour in the high seas you can get into snorkeling and scuba diving to extend the good times. Bora Diving Center in Matira Beach in Polynesia


Destnation intern. wedding_Destnation India 1.qxd.qxdGet hitched while enjoying a water sports adventure and diving vacation at Florida. The Greater Fort Lauderdale has a natural three tiered reef system that makes it edgy. More than 75 dive sites in Florida thrill divers and snorkelers. Charter a boat so you can bring friends and family along to dive with you. The other famous place for scuba divers to tie the knot is at the Christ of the Abyss statue in Florida Keys. This site is one of the most photographed dive sites in the world, and is one of the best known scuba areas in Florida. The underwater statue is a replica of a statue called ‘Il Christo Degli Abissi’ that lies in the Mediterranean Sea off Italy. More than 200 diving duos have said “I do” in the shallow waters around the sculpture. Scuba Do-Dive Company in Key Largo Florida ‘Underwater’

Facts to bear in mind

How advisable is an underwater wedding?

No need to fear as all it takes is a love for all things aquatic: learning scuba diving and organising a priest who has the knowledge of solemnising an underwater wedding.

Guest List: Since this type of wedding is different from the common ones and it is under the sea, the list of invitees should be limited. An officiator has to be there.

Destnation intern. wedding_Destnation India 1.qxd.qxdBridal Attire: Looking gorgeous under the sea is a big challenge. That is why the bridal costumes have to be easy to move around in. Moreover, they need to be compatible with the scuba diving equipment that you are wearing. Wear an expensive costume for your wedding reception once you have reached the surface as then you can go about flaunting it.

Drinks: Scuba diving for your wedding is not a common act and should not be taken lightly. Alcohol should be strictly avoided when under water. You can make up for it by celebrating it once you reach the surface.

It’s time to be unique and go edgy and wild on your big day so see you underwater with bang, thrill and frolic!

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