Eye Makeup Trends 2023

Eye Makeup Trends 2023 - Wedding Affair

One of the most significant days of your life is the day when you exchange vows with your heartthrob. This is the day you want to feel and look your best. Your choice of makeup can either make or break your look for the big day. 2023 will be no exception to the ongoing evolution of bridal eye makeup trends. This year, brides have a wide range of alternatives to select from, ranging from traditional and timeless makeup to bold and daring aesthetics. The newest bridal eye makeup trends for 2023 will be thoroughly covered in this article.

The Sophistication Of All Matte Eyeshadow 

Matte Eyes MakeupDeep matte shades will be in trend for the year 2023. Matte eyeshadow complements both pastel brides who are opting for a minimalistic look as well as royal brides who go all bold with their vibrant lehenga and heavy jewellery. Deep matte shades only add to the intensity of your eyes enhancing your bridal look.  

Playful Vibe With Colour On The Lower Lash Line 

Lowerline Eye MakeupAdd a dash of fun to your bridal look by incorporating the most vibrant makeup trend of 2023 which is colour on the lower lash line. Leaving behind the traditional kohl look, go for contemporary colours. Your face will appear more vibrant if you use popping colours instead of the traditional brown tones when you smoke out your lower lash line. This look is breathtakingly beautiful.

Dramatic Lashes For The Extra Oomph

Lashes MakeupWho doesn’t like a bit of drama? Nothing can beat the beauty and charm of natural-looking long eyelashes. Dramatic lashes are a trend that will never go out of style as it adds a touch of glamour to your makeup look. Brides of 2023 are opting for longer, thicker lashes and slaying their big day.

Foxy Eyes For The Sultry Vibes

Foxy Eyes MakeupBrides are claiming the sultry vibe in 2023. Foxy eyes are in vogue this year. Not only for parties and get-togethers, it has marked its imprints in bridal makeup as well. The key is to use eyeliner to lengthen your eye shape on both the top and bottom lash lines. To make the eyes appear more elevated, thin lashes are applied and sharp eyeliner is extended to the inner corner.

The 90s Metallic Is Back!

Metallic EyesThe metallics style from the 1990s has returned in 2023, dive into the trend and slay it like a pro. Every skin tone can be complemented by using different colours of eye shadow and highlighter, such as rose gold, copper, or silver. Now is the time to bring back the long-lost makeup aesthetics.

Smokey Eyes, Yes Please!

Smokey Eyes MakeupTraditional 2023 wedding beauty trends include smoky eyes, which call for the use of dark, matte eyeshadow. It produces an enigmatic appearance around the eyes. This year, smokey eyes are frequently made with shades of grey and silver. They add contemporary glam to the traditional look.