How to find the best makeup artist for your wedding?

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All that a bride wants is to look beautiful. With months of toiling around to find the best wedding dress, the most gorgeous jewellery, and the perfect wedding destination, the most time usually goes into finding the best makeup artist for your big day. And, with everything set in place and pace, the work of the makeup artist is to put the whole look together. However, anything that goes out of place can, later on, result in a complete bridal breakdown. To make things easier for our lovely brides, here’s a check list of things that you must see before finalising your makeup artist

India now boasts of several renowned makeup artists. And, there are so many makeup artist courses that are available for people to learn. Amidst so many choices present, it is undoubtedly very tough to select that one person you can trust on your wedding day.

Featuring Guneet Virdi, Celebrity Makeup Artist


Most brides usually have selected a look that would suit them the best. Before you make your final selection, do check the past works of the makeup artist to see the kind of looks that they’ve created. You might want to adorn a bold look. However, the one that you’ve selected might be a master of subtle work!


Here’s a tip that most brides would find helpful. You must have had a photo saved of a bride that you loved. Find her on social media and talk to her. She might recommend to you the best makeup artist. Or, have a word with the clients of your MUA and you’ll be able to get first-hand reviews.

Make Up Artist at work


Meeting the makeup artists would give you more perspective of their work. Interact with them and sort out your queries. Do not forget to ask questions regarding the makeup they’d use; waterproof, brands, longevity, etc.


Many makeup artists would give you a makeup trial session for free. However, some might refuse to do the same. Until and unless you are 100% sure of the makeup artist, you should ask for trial sessions. Trial sessions will give you an idea of the makeup artist’s hand at work.


You probably are one! We know how all the brides become Instagram stalkers when their weddings approach. Before you select a makeup artist for your wedding day, make sure you stalk their Instagram to see how they’ve performed in the past. You might also get an idea for your makeup look.



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