Floral Kaleera for every Bride

Source: SetMyWed

Every Punjabi bride’s favourite, Kaleera is an embellished ornament that is attached to the chooras of a bride. The contemporary kaleeras adorned with vibrant flowers are winning over those traditional kaleeras adorned with golden and silver embellishments. 

The ritual associated with kaleeras is performed by the bride along with her bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding day. The bride shakes kaleeras above the place where bridesmaids have gathered for this little ceremony. If an attachment falls from the bride’s ornaments on the head of her bridesmaid, then that girl is supposed to be the next one to get married. 

As kaleeras involve such an enjoyable ritual, they have to be selected carefully. To decide your special kaleera, check out a few kaleera designs below:

Pearl-Tassell Kaleeras


These umbrella-shaped kaleeras are embellished with elegant pearls and beautiful tassels. The outlining of its structure is adorned with sober baby-pink coloured flowers that further enhance its appearance. 

Pastel Kaleeras


These pastels kaleeras have a charm of their own! Just as pastel attires are preferred by most of the brides these days, similarly the pastel kaleeras have an indescribable fascination. These kaleeras do not only come in the category of rich bridal accessories but they also comfort our eyes with their unusual magnetism.  

Sober floral kaleeras

Source: ShaadiWish

If you are searching for an accessory that complements your bridal attire without diminishing its original attractiveness, then sober kaleeras are the best. They are adorned with artificial flowers, that can be customised according to the colour of your lehenga. 

Kaleeras have captured the attention of many young girls across the globe who are planning their wedding attire. These beautiful kaleeras embellished with alluring florals make it a very appealing bridal accessory. 


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