Give your breakfast a South Indian zing with these recipes

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South Indian cuisine remains to be a top favourite among all Indians and the comfort food that one would seek on any given day. South Indian cuisine also remains to be versatile that can be cooked for various occasions and meals. South Indian dishes like Uttapam, Dosa and Idli can be eaten as a healthy breakfast meal. Since mornings should be happy and healthy, here are 5 South Indian dishes you can make at home for a wholesome breakfast meal.


Appam is a coconut and rice pancake that can be eaten with a side of chutney or tomato sauce. These are fluffy, soft with a thick center and paper-like texture. You can also eat with coconut chutney or some curry.


Idlis are ideal for a light breakfast. They are a perfect choice for people who are health conscious. You can make oat idlis and match it with tomato chutney, coconut chutney or sambhar.

Medu vada

If you’re looking for a fun breakfast recipe then medu vadas are ideal. They are the perfect breakfast choice for someone who love crispy and crunchy food with soft filling inside. You can have it with spicy coconut chutney and enjoy your meal!


Super light, delicious and healthy, uttapams are like dosas, with a light texture and topped with tomato, onions, coriander leaves. They can be made with a mix of rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds.

Rava dosa

Dosas are a comfort food and Rava dosas are a perfectly healthy choice as a breakfast. Instant Rava dosa does not require any fermentation and they are super easy to make. These meals are also loaded with nutrition and are light too.

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