Glamorous Makeup Trends To Recreate This Wedding Season

Makeup Trends For Wedding Season - Wedding Affair

The grandeur and richness of Indian wedding can be seen through the use of vibrant colors, elaborate rituals and timeless traditions. Among the thousand elements that contribute to the wedding celebrations bridal makeup is very important. Makeup in itself is truly an art form and bridal makeup plays such an important role in ensuring that the bride feels like a true queen on her big day, hence here is a list of few makeup trends for you that can make any bride stand out.  

  • Face Embellishments – one of the latest makeup trends that a lot of modern brides are choosing for a wedding is the use of face embellishments such as pearls, rhinestones and even flowers. Face embellishments adds a touch of drama to the makeup. In this makeup trend the embellishment is strategically placed on the highpoints or highlights of the face like the corner of the eye or cheekbones. To make the look even more dramatic and shiny you can add face and body glitter to the entire look.

Face Embellishments

  • Subtle Modern Look – these days modern brides are embracing a more subtle and natural approach to makeup. The key to achieve this look is to start with a good base and a perfect soft dewy skin. The key elements of this look is using minimum foundation or a skin tint, light eye shadow and a nude or muted lip color. Many bollywood actresses have also embraced a subtle makeup look for their big day which made this makeup trend gain immense popularity.

Subtle Modern Look

  • Bold Eyes – the highlight of this makeup trend are the eyes. Since the ancient times eyes has taken the center stage in bridal makeup and this trend doesn’t seem to fade away in modern times. In this trend eyes are dramatized by using bold eyeliner, mascara, fluffy brows, smoky eye shadow and dramatic false lashes. To make the look balanced the dramatic eyes are complimented by a nude lip or muted lip color.

Bold Eyes

  • Contouring – this look is all about sculpted cheekbones and well defined jaw line. Having defined features have always been considered as a symbol of beauty in Indian culture. In this look the face is sculpted using the technique of contouring and highlighting. However to keep up with the modern trends this technique has also been modified to achieve a more natural look, now makeup artists are using subtle and skin like contours to define and enhance the natural face structure without going overboard.


  • Statement Lip – while soft and muted lips are gaining popularity, there is still a place for a bold and dramatic lip in Indian bridal makeup. If you are someone who loves a bold lip color then you can definitely opt for bold colors like deep reds, berry shades, maroon and burgundy. However it is better to stick with matte formulas rather than the glossy ones, as the matte shades tend to be more long lasting.

Statement Lip

  • Shimmer – it seems that brides can never get enough of glitter and shimmer and a touch of shimmer is a trend that continues to bedazzle the brides. Whether it’s in eye shadows, highlighters, or even body glitter brides always embrace the glitter. One way to achieve the ultimate shimmer glow is to use a luminous foundation. Adding glitter and shimmer to create an overall magical look on brides, especially if it’s an evening event.


  • Cultural Roots – many brides love to draw inspiration from their culture and tradition. For instance many brides use aalta to decorate their hands and feet. Brides from Bengali roots love to use kumkum to decorate their eyebrows, south Indian brides loves to wear a classic kanjivaram saari along with bold kohl.

Cultural Roots

  • Neon Hues – are you a bride who loves being over the top and edgy? Then a neon makeup look will be perfect for you. Neon hues as the name suggest is using bright and colorful neon colors in your makeup. Neon makeup will make any person stand out with its bold and edgy look. To create this look colors like hot pink, lime green and electric blue are used as eyeliners or eye shadows. You can make this look subtle by pairing these neon shades with more neutral and earthy tones. This neon makeup look will be perfect for a beach wedding or even for a haldi event.

Neon Hues

  • Sustainable Makeup – are you a nature enthusiast? Then the sustainable makeup trend is for you. Sustainable makeup is all about using eco-friendly makeup products that are vegan and cruelty free. Not only such sustainable makeup is good for pour environment but it also makes a huge impact on your personal health

Sustainable Makeup

There are many wedding makeup trends that you can choose according to your own taste. Where many brides prefer to follow a more traditional makeup style, some brides like a more natural approach, some love experimenting with their look and some prefer a harmonious blend of culture and contemporary look, so which ever look you opt for yourself remember to follow your instincts and personalize it so that you feel like a true diva you are and don’t forget that your wedding day is your day so it needs to be as special as it can be so make the most out of it and enjoy it to the fullest.