Go Voguish With The Bare Minimum

Nude Makeup Look - Wedding Affair

Jump on the bandwagon by adopting a ‘no-makeup makeup look’. The nude makeup look has never gone out of style and has always been a cult favorite.  Be it daytime office meetings or date night looks, it suits them all. The nude glam makeup has lived up to its hype and brought forth looks a la mode. Ranging from celebrities getting ready for the red carpet events to the brides-to-be, the look justifies each occasion graciously. WA is here to help you ace a nude makeup look. We have put together a step-wise guide to make you pull off the look unstintingly.

Hit It Off With An Ideal Skincare Regime

Ideal Skincare Regime For Nude Makeup Look

Makeup and skincare go hand in hand. Nothing can replace perfect skin. A good skincare routine not only acts as a shield between skin and makeup but also gives a dewy and illuminating glow.

To achieve that effulgent glow it is important to incorporate a few steps in your daily ritual and stick to it. Start off by using the right face wash according to your skin type. Use a cream-based face wash for dry skin, gel-based for oily skin, and foaming cleansers for normal skin types. Take a pea-sized amount of face wash and gently lather it all over your skin. Thereafter wash it off with lukewarm water. Try to exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of the clogged pores. Make sure of the exfoliators you are using. Rubbing off harsh exfoliators on your skin would strip it off with its natural oils. Move on to the next step by toning your skin and treating it with serums. The ingredients like Vitamin E and C and hyaluronic acid nurture the skin from within and protects it from further damage. The key to making your foundation stay is to coat your skin with moisturizer beforehand, so wrap up your skincare routine by sealing your skin with moisturizer.

Get It Going With A Flawless Makeup Base

Flawless Makeup Base

Begin with priming up your face to ensure that your makeup stays in place for a longer period. The “less is more” trend continues to be the newest wrinkle in the cosmetic industry. A minimal amount of foundation is what defines a nude makeup look. You could use a substantial amount of foundation and still come across as a diva. Make it a rule of thumb to not go over the top with the foundation and concealer to avoid looking caked up. Pick the foundation according to your skin type. Dewy foundation goes well with dry to normal skin types while matte foundation works best for the combination to oily skin types. Choosing the right foundation shade is another significant task that could be figured out by swatching different shades on your forearm.  

Raise The Bar High By Adding Dimensions

Add Dimensions In Makeup

Subtle doesn’t always mean going bland. Once satisfied with the base, enhance it by adding a pop of blush. Choose a blush that goes with your skin. People with oily skin should opt for a powder blush rather than a cream blush as it only makes the skin look more greasy. People with dry skin on the other hand should try their hands on cream blush which will prove to be a perfect fit for their skin type. Bronze the temples, forehead, and jawline to add warmth. Further, to give a sculpted look to your face highlight the high points of your face like nose, cheekbones, and chin.

Beauty Is In The ‘Eye’ Of The Beholder

Eye Makeup

Define those gorgeous eyes by tapping your makeup brush in mild colors like nude pink, soft brown, beige, and coffee shades and blending them generously to give it a smokey eye finish. Make use of matte colors for base and medium to darker tones to blend and highlight. Contour the corners of your eyes with a deep brown shade and blend it with a comparatively lighter shade to create a demure look. Finally, add a zing to your eyes by swiping on mascara on your lashes