Happily Ever After


The secret to any relationship is a conversation coated with truth,

and companionship that shall always blooth.


Any romantic relationship has three stages that it goes through. It is the test of time and patience that determines whether or not both the partners get along together or not. “Happily Ever After” and tales revolving around it are not built overnight, it takes time, patience, zeal, and love.

Despite the level of compatibility between you and your partner, it is not that patience and love will bloom in a jiffy, it shall take time and will evolve at its own pace. When a commitment is for a lifetime, the road to it is even steeper.

There are three stages of Love that determine the length of how long any relationship will sustain. Below mentioned are the three stages of love in a relationship:

Stage 1: Romantic Love

Stage 2: Realistic Love

Stage 3: Mature Love


Well, it might seem quite simple, but the implication is always harder than the observation. Let us briefly discuss these stages of love:

Stage 1- Romantic Love: This is the phase in which both the partners experience mutual emotions of overwhelming desire and excitement. Being a period of idolizing one’s partner, it is also called the “honeymoon phase.” A rush of adrenaline, exciting emotions, palpitations in the heart, and whatnot! From every touch turning electric to your life suddenly switching to the most adventurous and amazing side. This stage usually lasts from six months to two years.

Romantic Love, Source: Medium.
Romantic Love, Source: Medium.


Stage 2- Realistic Love: This stage is also called “Settling In.” It is when reality starts to creep in. Just like the do-or-die situation. This is the pinnacle in every relationship wherein couples either “make it” or “break it.” For realistic love to dwell, one should have had a strong romantic love. This is the phase wherein you get face-to-face with each other’s raw selves their flaws, vulnerabilities, and challenges.

                                                                                                       Realistic Love, Source: Medium.
Realistic Love, Source: Medium.


Stage 3- Mature Love: Mature Love is sealed by safety and security in a relationship. This is the zenith of all the stages of love and one can only reach this pinnacle by working through the previous stages. Here, you accept your partner’s desires and faults.

                                                                                                    Mature Love, Source: Medium.
Mature Love, Source: Medium.


While there is no “perfect dictionary definition” that defines Happily Ever After, it is something everyone creates for themselves. Still, these eight steps can help simplify the obstacles on the journey by giving you some insight into the oblivious.

  1. Forget about fixing the bad, start increasing the good.
  2. Celebrate the little things.
  3. Do not let the spark of excitement dwindle.
  4. Surprise, do not shock!
  5. Create your own happiness.
  6. Make sure you both laugh every once in a while.
  7. Agreeableness is important.
  8. Forgiveness is the greatest virtue.


Happily Ever After is not something that exists, but the notion of “Love” in itself is so romanticized that people start idealizing the fairy tale romance to be the ideal Love Story. One should always remember: Loving someone is not an experiment that we ought to follow “standardized” or “pre-existing” rules for it. It should be as flexible as your definition of “happily ever after.” If that is a smile on your visage!

…because after all those who care for you do not stand by you, they stick to you.